Location nocturnal tourists in Hanoi

After sight-lit streets, you stop enjoying the night dish made exquisite culinary flavors of Hanoi as noodle, porridge, or sticky.
The suggested address below converging requirements for a delicious diner and stomach, especially when it’s chilly weather.
PHO is suitable for many travelers. In Hanoi there are many pho noodle shop as beef, chicken, wine sauce, corn beef noodle stir fry … and every place has the know-how or the exotic variations, matching the needs of the customers.
Each noodle shop are ways of herbs and spices that are different but passionate customers.
Tourists to Hanoi easily find nocturnal noodle shop. After wandering the streets watching the night market or, if you prefer ordinary shop can visit Hang Non street to enjoy beef noodle soup, pho noodle soup mix and wine sauce. The sidewalk cafes but have very particular taste.
Also on Hang Duong, Hang Chieu, Hang Buom, Hang Ngang … there are bars open to 3 – 4am. Each bowl usually cost about 35,000 dong.
Weather Hanoi in revenue chilly night so a warm bowl of porridge stomach at night are an ideal suggestion for travelers visiting Hanoi. Mild stomach eating porridge, hot warm and full body substances.
Not hard to find a good restaurant as rib cartilage soup with crispy taste closely at Dong Xuan market, in the Forbidden City only chicken soup, porridge pot or Lo Duc Phan Dinh Phung … Porridge is served hot, smooth and match attractive with little spicy pepper.
Rib cartilage Congee with sweet taste of meat, cartilage closely very attractive.
If at Phan Dinh Phung porridge pot boiled in a clay pots, cooked in Lo Duc picky then this very rich dishes like porridge heart, oval, porridge shrimp … Price from 60,000 dong a pot.
If you want a full stomach after a night wandering the streets to discover, choose dishes away, eat the night is surely the most labor. Flung song, sticky fried crab or slanted away … the preferred choice of customers in Hanoi.
Quan Nguyen Huu Huan Street flung known far with the fragrant bowl of sticky rice, gold cumbersome, saturated fat, onion, served with meat or chicken sautéed mushrooms warehouse.
Flung attractive crab rolls and had formed “brand” in Sugar City.
In addition, consistent with fried crab eating away at Duong Thanh is also very attractive and exotic. This is different from the many shops on the main streets away little in the capital.
Or you can also find the track bar away with fragrant smell cake adhered segment and smell fragrant green park at Wooden Bridge. The price of a bowl-off of 20,000, depending on type

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