The blooming Lotus on the desert in Bau Cat


Bau Trang is also known as Bau Cat, Bau Sen or White Lake is located in Hong Lam village, Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district, about 45 km from Phan Thiet. Guests can arrive by two supply Bau Trang different way: from the sea along Phan Thiet to Mui Ne, Mui Ne marketplaces, so the Red Hills along the beach for about an hour is coming. The second way is from the city of Phan Thiet, along Highway 1 to Liangshan, turn right about 18km across the barren hills, through forests that number, the dreamy white work will reach to White Lake.
White Lake consists of two lakes is quite wide (Bau Bau Ong and Ba) and a white sand dune separating the two lakes. Legend has it that the former Cham, intercession is a river port and go straight into the sea but was later divided into two sand filled up the lake. Another legend tells of old here is a large lake, then people run sand dam crossing the lake to go through. From there it was divided into two parts: primary and higher lake lake.
Nobody can prove exactly how the legend is the origin of this place. It also contains many mysterious rumors, like decades ago caught the alligator in the lake, and then the bottom of lakes dense algae layer can tightly foot strange people, or obsession ‘commoner stream “dozen meters long has robbed many lives fated sale to divine sign. Just know, every time comes, the beauty of a sub-desert regions “cool” with green water, pink lotus makes people linger on forever alone.
It is about available a motorcycle row many different colors, simply type sound with unique hostess here is can kick-start, gallop on the sand, feeling the heat of the sand, of made to face the sun, feel the car moving tilt shots while holding follow undulations of sand slopes. Feeling in views of the beauty of this place on a moving vehicle when the anti towering sand.
au voyage exciting adventure with motorcycles, a small boat floating on the lake will bring vastly different experiences. In the vast seem poetic earth, green leaves put Hovers under water waves, bathed in fragrant lotus flavor, be leaned to pick the most beautiful lotus, and munching the fresh lotus seeds, sweet. Or happy simply water drop sound amidst put Hovers in a quiet atmosphere, hear the fish bites the bait.
When he was exhausted but could not bear to leave this scene first place, small huts or hammocks tied to positive body in the woods next to help you followed another dream about the beauty, the tranquility of green sea areas , this white sand.
About Bau Cat watching blooming lotus in the desert

Bau Cat Show at only 2 small shops and businesses that serve tourists pastries, beverages, motor vehicles, food business should not have to prepare before you arrive.

Best time to visit Bau Cat from 5 – 9 and 16 – 18h.

The water level is quite deep so do not shower.

You can take advantage of the time to visit Red Hill, a landmark was praised as the beauty of spring, the girls nearby.

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