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Besides the cuisine food in Penang, Malaysia also has many other unique dishes you can not miss when visiting the country of origin of palms. Malaysian cuisine is a unique combination between the different cultures: Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arab … In a week exploring Malay, I had the opportunity to enjoy lots of delicious specialties, strange Hellenes of this country. Most often tasty cuisine spices, are cooked with oil, spicy and fiery flavors. As had been mentioned in the article “A ring Penang cuisine”, I would like to note that not all of the Malay dishes are “easy to eat”, depending on individual taste.

Assam Laksa 1

His first visit Assam Laksa is enjoying three years ago on a trip combining Singapore – Malaysia of the couple. Recently in Malaysia exploring early May, I had the opportunity to once again enjoy this dish at a cafe famous Old Town Coffee.

Laksa noodle bowl will make you surprised by the combination of flavors is quite strange. Assam Laksa is a noodle dish with brown water fish stew. Composition of the Laksa depending on the local, but the most popular is still the sauce with seafood, chicken and many vegetables including cilantro of Vietnam as lemongrass, onion, mint … I quite liked find salty taste salty, sour brown fish, initially felt like eating fish noodle laksa Vietnam but really very different.

2. Roti canai

Guts, I dare step into an Indian restaurant Roti canai do choose breakfast when in KL. Every time passing by any other Indian restaurant, I have been shocked by the smell of curry and powerful lot different breath reeks of perfume. As mentioned in previous articles, while visiting the country, his wife wanted to experience all the new elite of the land area. However, Roti canai not choose bad as I thought.


Roti is understood as a type of fried bread, and in Malaysia, dish roti canai is a thin dough are fried in oil. One laminated dough into thin slices, then put pieces forming squares with many layers and fried. Roti curry were served with lamb, beef, chicken, fish, but absolutely no pork because of religious issues. This is quite common breakfast dish of the people here. Spicy spicy, mild aroma of curry mixed with fleshy potato, carrot sweetness make low fat, combined roti bread scented eggs … quite strange and delicious!

I keep roti canai sip slowly, occasionally sipping sips Tea Tarik, watching the types Thoan, finger food virtuosity of guests Malay or Indonesian ethnic Indians. According to her, Roti canai is quite interesting option you should try to feel a multicultural cuisines of Malay.

3. Nasi Kandar

Nasi kandar is the curry rice Indian style, popular with many in Penang. Typical flavors of the dish is hot, spicy curry’s. You have a hot and curry rice dish, and then can choose lamb, chicken or some type of Rotis … … mix and enjoy. Nasi Kandar my opinion a bit difficult to eat, because the dry rice, curry slightly warm, spicy chicken then. This dish is not so much impressed by him


4. Chicken rice handle Islands

The street of Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur (“KL”) is a pretty famous for chicken rice delicious island handles. Chicken rice is cooked quite picky island. This dish is required to be cooked in a clay pot for rice remain hot and the bottom of the pot with a thin layer of crispy fire. Rice cooked with chicken broth to rice sweetness mingles with the greasy taste of chicken. Chicken marinated with spices, pepper, ginger, island through. Cooked rice cooked to medium, one for chicken in a pot with rice continue to cook, then the mushrooms, sweet cabbage, sausages and a little soy sauce.


North to eat hot cooked rice. Before eating, diners should stir up the pot and all depends on the taste of each person that joins more soy reduction. Part elderberry and murmuring thin, crispy. Served with rice productivity is a hot sweet soup vegetables easy to eat. My wife and I had the opportunity to enjoy this dish as soon as he arrived at the airport at KL, eaten to the last spoonful of rice fragrant still crave ?

5. beef noodles

We can say almost a week in Malay, her searching eyes red with a few new bars from cooking beef. Listen to the station in Petaling Street – Crowded neighborhood in the heart of KL States, diners are not to be missed traditional beef noodle shop with a long face here. Restaurant quite small, simply furnished, clean but full of people eating.


Bowls served serving steaming, fragrant hot soups, beef re-tender, beef stocky. The soup is an important component of any water dish. Area tasting soups here are not too salty, fatty leopard, quite exotic accordance with US style.
Taste delicious, light bar, giving diners an unforgettable impression
6. plastic cake

Even at Petaling Street street, you will easily notice a plastic wheeled vehicle sales of Chinese old lady across the street rang shady pitches. Due to its playful cradling Pass also buy test part plastic cake.

Poster scattered Chinese record so I do not know the exact name of the cake was nothing, a famous old woman with a long cakes were advertised on the old newspaper. According to her, cakes made from rice flour, stuffed plastic, fully coated peanuts and sesame puree. Place pastry light bar. It is also interesting street food you should experience.

7. Malay coconut cream

We can say that coconut cream dessert haunt her husband while in Malay. Also in Penang coconut cream I’ve ever said in previous articles, the coconut cream in road superlative dining Buket bustling Bintang – Jalan Alor can not be ignored. Xiu cream vending tiny, a mere two employees stood sell but always overwhelmed people queuing. Her husband was not the exception. Every evening he is also certain to run out queues for coconut cream by being here, walking and new satisfying sip.

So in Jalan Alor coconut cream What is special? Like elsewhere cream of coconut, coconut cream here in half a coconut is placed inside small Siamese partly shaved coconut meat available. Interestingly, however customers are free to choose the accessories included: dried coconut seed, peanuts, syrup, cereals of all kinds, sesame and some weird crunchy snack … .with the amount depending reviews. Maybe so, but they were all equally interested buffet queues and accessories of their own favorites as a buffet. Her husband most favorite with tiny particles of dried coconut, rum crispy, fatty leopard should draw the scoop to face gleefully as children. Part of full cream um such quality but the prices are extremely chestnut, counted only about 10.5RM only.

Besides the aforementioned dishes, Malay was the convergence of so many specialties come from many different cultures. For more information about some famous eateries as well as a busy road in Malay cuisine, See you again in my next article!

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