Mũi Né (Phan Thiet) – Once in your lifetime


Mui Ne is far from t he center of Phan Thiet city about 14 km to the northeast, Mui Ne is one of the ecotourism poetic sea of ​​Binh Thuan province. Visitors to Mui Ne not only attracted by the unspoiled beauty of nature but also attracted by the modern sports activities, trips and even a picnic by the lives of the people in here.

The sunny beaches, is the perfect place for you to soak in the warm waters or lay basking in the sand. Hammocks under the canopy danglingly large coconut, enjoy gourd open space, fresh air under the salty air of the sea breeze is also interesting from a marketing success.

Mui Ne sand dunes and blue sea behind the front, the green hills and trees and coconut trees leaning shadow lyrical, poetic. The scene serenity and beauty is hard to match, this really is a gift that nature has lovingly dedicated to the region. Nearly three million international visitors came to visit – tourism here in the past year, it seems everyone is still kept forever in his heart at many memories, impressions of scenic vistas, beautiful scenery and the friendliness of the people here. Mui Ne will be many wonderful promises more surprises in the future. And every time I had to visit, enjoy, resort, guests will not surprised because sky attractive ecotourism scene sea here strangely mixed emotions, fascinated, wondering ngàng difficult to exaggerate.

Means to reach Mui Ne:
By car or motorcycle from Saigon Bridge, along Highway 1A will arrive in Binh Thuan Province, turn right at the fork to Sand Springs to Phan Thiet city, from here take the provincial highway 706 is to be in Mui Ne . Distance of about 210 kilometers.

If you choose to transport the vehicles Open Tour is at the starting point is the city of Ho Chi Minh City, you can choose the car maker is Happy Café, Sinh Café, Tam Hanh Phuong Trang. Automakers are starting at different times of day, time of the day comes late as 8:30 pm, location to area Tham – Pham Ngu Lao, from here you will be taken straight to Mui Ne without due to any public transit system. If you are adventurous, you can ride Kumho Samco Express company in Eastern bus station at Ho Chi Minh city, trip starting at 9:30 pm at the latest, the car will take you to fork Suoi Cat and from there you can go by motorbike in Phan Thiet city, discover this city at night, or if you are a romantic, you can stroll the ocean Doi Duong Beach near dawn and sunrise on the beach at 5 am .

White Lake is a freshwater lake, formerly Binh Nhon commune, Hoa Da District, Binh Thuan Province, now part of Hong Lam village, Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district, about 62km from Phan Thiet northeast.

White Lake formed long ago, which is located between the vast sand dunes alternating hot pot low forest tree groups. Water in the lake is very sweet and in. Remote look back a cool green hill covered in white sand. White Lake divided into 2 parts by a sand hill traversing. People here traditionally have called Bau Bau He and She, though Ponds created by nature, but folk still gratitude for providing water sources feeding people (some Persons who Cham use of water in the lake as its water activities – Cham people have a legend of this great intercession – earlier this intercession is a river that flows directly into the sea, but the latter should be mounted so split !) and wildlife here in the dry season. The deepest place of White Lake is 19m and recede towards the shore. Around the coast there are many lotus flowers, in summer bloom lotus bowl add the white sands of vibrant colors.


Bau Sen Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district (Binh Thuan), Phan Thiet City and about 40km to the northeast. Bau Sen also called other rustic Bau Ba (by way of intercession is a sand sequence has a smaller lake called Bau He) or White Lake (by between three dynamic white sand), while the bard called Bach Ho.

In order to Bau Sen – White Lake, visitors can walk on two lines: special ride from Rom (about 12km), or from the city of Phan Thiet, along Highway 1 to the town of Liangshan, with fork, is about 18km turn right to arrive. Take the road always has something interesting, compelling the private, but go towards Liangshan, the better, because the car ran over the bare hills, while high, while low, through the forests of diagram, coconut forests green on the dreamy white sand.

When the car still running on high hills, initially left out a vast lagoon that looks like a lake, deep blue water to “eye sore” (if you’re in the right place at noon), gorgeous stretches, one were surprised, admiring and impossible not to watch. Bau Sen 3km long, 500m at its widest point, the average depth of 5 m wide 70ha, surrounded by the sand. Dynamic sand nicer here in Mui Ne, by pure white sand delicate, smooth.

Local fishermen said the creature in Bau Sen system is very rich, there are many delicious freshwater fish. In the lake also has grass carp kind weighs 30kg! In the old days here also includes crocodiles, alligators but was finally arrested 25 years ago. Sen here grows naturally, almost hatched all four seasons. Every year locals ton lotus seeds harvested to make jam, cook the tea in the Lunar New Year.

By the Bau Sen – White Lake, you can rent boats of fishermen along the promenade, sightseeing on lakes, or fish is also very interesting. If you like a bath, the water here was clear and cool, clean. Also want camping, North shore side have positive woods cool, you are spoiled with hammocks lie, men sing. Do not forget to bring a camera to capture great photos that are not anywhere also.

White Lake is not only the place of supply of freshwater but also a beautiful scenic area in Hoa Thang Binh-Bac. With year-round source of surface water has softened the hot air of the vast sand dunes are beautiful landscapes that anyone coming to this area are a must visit.

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