Mysterious beauty of Po Sah Inu tower

Po Sah Inu is a relic group remnant Cham temple tower of the ancient Champa Kingdom which located on hilltop Ba Nai, Phu Hai Ward, from the center of Phan Thiet city, 7 km to the east-north.

Po Sah Inu Group temples built over 1,200 years ago, now there are only 3 main tower, medium, small, also known as Tower A and Tower B, Tower C. Towers were symbols of the heyday of the kingdom Care from the eighth century to the ninth century. Here is where Shiva, then more churches Sha Po Inu princess. In addition, the fire god and god Nandin cows are also worshiped in the tower.

Coming Po Inu Sah tower, visitors can feel the unique tower architecture, exquisite tower clusters. Sculpture on the decoration characteristic of the ancient Cham people make majesty and mystery. Towers is located on Ba Nai hill, the highest point being upstairs Huang is widely known through poetry Han Mac Tu.

From on high looking down around watching the natural beauty. In front of the blue sea, rear towards Phan Thiet City. Tourists arriving’ll relax by the tower located on at the beautiful area, with the opportunity to explore the spiritual lands and enjoy the beautiful scenery charming.
Currently, Po Sah Inu Tower is recognized as a national monument and is an attractive tourist destination, attracting visitors by the beauty of the original, adding the sacred. Here, still retains vestiges of Cham ancient worship.

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