Phú Yên Travel – The Sleeping Princess


Phu Yen is a beautiful area with famous landmarks such as rock disc or Vung Ro Bay, … people are peaceful life here is very peaceful! That is no one could deny.
Many places of Phu Yen has appeared in the song “I owe you” by British composer Bang Phan Thanh Tai poem, but not everyone knows about the beautiful scenery of Phu Yen. Only when the film “I see yellow flowers on green grass” by Victor Vu launched recently, Phu Yen as a princess is awakened Sleeping. The film “Flowers yellow on green grass” that has led people to the beautiful views ecstatic. It is not only majestic rock disc, pristine beaches, crystal clear lagoons, … but also the green field and picturesque village streets.
This is one of the most famous sights of Phu Yen. The name derives from the visual distance, looks like the husband Ganh disc in kilns or game logo protruding sea. Rock disc like a giant beehive is about 50 meters wide, 200 meters long with rocks adjacent prismatic ratings, straight and reached out at sea. Reef with thousands and thousands of her rocks, mysterious iridescent black to stand out from the blue sea and the white surf.

Go rock disc, you can walk on the stone floor, feeling the salty taste of the sea. You can also try your angler with fish or go reliable sea snails her breast.

Mount Swallow
Nhan Tower is the art architecture with high values ​​of Cham history and this is a typical landscape of Phu Yen province. Nhan Tower was the Ministry of Culture – Information recognized as architectural monuments – national art to date 11/16/1988.
Swallow aka Mountain Stupa Mountain, Mountain Palace is located in the urban area Tuy Hoa. With its prime location, Swallow Mountain is not only a wonderful natural landscape but also the city’s green lung. The only way to conquer that mountain road Swallow. Time away from the foot to the top of the mountain takes about 15 minutes.
O Loan Lagoon Tuy An district. Surrounded by the mountains of Dong Chay dress, mountains and dunes Cam Hai. Dress tied to the legend of a fairy named Taiwan, riding a bird box Men Size roam airspace. When it lands, she falls in love with his poor fishermen diligent, hardworking, should she stay with him earthly mate.

Loan lagoon is always beautiful, poetic, but especially beautiful at sunrise and sunset. Loan lagoon with many seafood but the most famous and delicious oysters O Loan remains thick rice, fresh meat, fragrant than oysters elsewhere
Dai Lanh captivates with pure Mon Beach, the sandy undulating slopes. More interesting is the time to taste sweet water, brackish water at the nearby stream.

You can swim, sun, seafood and daydreaming under the paint waves. Besides, you can get up early, watch the sunset from the lighthouse Dai Lanh, where … almost the country’s easternmost
Is a small bay belonging to Hoa Xuan Nam, Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen province. Bay is covered in three high mountains is Deo, Bia and the Hon Mrs. Vung Ro has 12 small beach is Bai Lach, Bai Mu U, Ivory Beach, Beach Temple, Chan Trau Beach, Beach Lake, Beach Cart, Small Beach, Main Beach, Bai Bang Lau Beach, Beach Stickers. Each beach has its own character but offers a beautiful, unspoilt are suitable for visitors, swimming or enjoy seafood.
Xuan Dai Bay is located in Xuan Tho Xuan Thinh and Song Cau town. In the bay there are many waters and beautiful beaches like La Vung, Vung Ware, Vung Hi and many islands, peninsula. The beaches here are property of the clear waters and not deep, you can swim away without fear of danger.

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