Phuket (day2) – The seafood Paradise’s going to awaits us


People said that if you learn the vocabulary that specializes in Thai food, you can understand about 80% of the conversations of the locals. We can see the food is a topic of endless in Thailand and not to mention Phuket throught  this.  From the affordable market to the makeshift stall on the street or the family-style stores on a small scale with about 3-4 tables, all of which can easily be found in any corner yet in Phuket.

You can say that Phuket’s cuisine is very rich and diverse with so many ingredients and bold spices, featuring Thai cuisine with extremely reasonable prices.

  1. Seafood

Going to the beach without enjoying seafood is indeed a major shortcoming. My wife and I had an extremely spectacular dinner in a seafood restaurant Sea Hag Permpong number 78/5 Soi III, Soi Wattana clinic Rd. Patong Beach, in the heart of Patong. Space rather cozy restaurant family style, serving hearty travelers should be more favored.


A seafood set for 2-3 people at the Sea Hag is listed with lobster, slipper lobster, prawn, grilled fish, fresh squid and scallops … Seafood here is very fresh, chewy meat make sweet broth with lemon salt and pepper taste. Small suggestion is that you should bring a bottle of green pepper and salt sauce seafood specialist will put an even more charming. A serving above consumes only about one million VND

Also in Phuket, seafood is served with rice, pasta or noodles such as Pad flavor Thai, aromatic grilled seafood rice, seafood fried noodles …

  1. Breakfast

Perhaps because of Patong Beach is the center of a hedonistic nightlife in Phuket that the people here start a new day very late. I woke up, personal hygiene and out of the hotel for breakfast at 9am. Surprisingly seats is not a shop open at that time. As far as its known, daytime lifestyle starting 11am.

My Bread…with some tomatoes

I chose a small family diner and ordered bread and sugar together with bacon. my husband chose a Thai seafood noodle soup. However, Thais love to eat dim sum dumplings and sala pao (dumpling) in the morning. Thai dim sum usually consists of about 5-10 different types of fish such as tofu, shrimp dumplings or sausage … lies in the small bowl. Fancy and moderate at the same time and really tasty.

  1. Chinese food

If you love Chinese food then you will love this place. At Phuket old town, you can easily find plenty of old restaurants serving traditional Chinese dishes. Prices were higher than downtown Patong slightly offline. And enjoy delicious food while seeing the peaceful streets.

Dimsum Phuket’s style
  1. traditional family Food

Of course, when coming to a new country or a foreign land, you will want to experience the traditional specialties of the place there. In Phuket, not at the restaurant or family restaurant specializing in traditional cooking .

  1. Snacks on Street vendors

Phuket is a paradise for countless, hard to resist delicious snacks that cost a few baht as khao tum mud (sticky rice steamed banana – 8 baht / unit), kanom krok (coconut cake), kanom Buang (coconut cream sponge cake), sangkaya tong fuk (quiche and pumpkin coconut milk) or Khao Lam (of rice).

Kanom Krok
2tn jerherh
Kao Tom Mud
And this’s Khao Lam
  1. Dessert

We tried Dairy Queen Blizzard in a shopping mall and I can say this is one of their most delicious ice-cream in Phuket. It was so rich and creamy, tasty to the last spoonful. Honestly, if compared to the Dairy Queen in Thailand is a severe disappointment for Vietnam up side down ice cream.

One other small suggestion for dessert in Phuket is ice cream sandwich. You slit the bread, then choose your favorite ice cream (or coconut cream kati i-heart) to the inside. You can add banana, sweet taro, sweet corn, glutinous rice, raisins, peanuts, jack … to help the cream will not melt too fast.

This summer if you have the opportunity to visit Thailand, then do not miss the culinary paradise in Phuket! Wish you have a fun trip.

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