Phuket (Day 1) – The wingdy words for the 3rd comeback times


Summer is coming! In this hot weather there’s nothing like going to the beach, eating seafood, laying on warm white sand, feeling the ocean breeze and sipping fresh juice … when it comes to summer travelling, Thailand is one of the most impressive tourist attraction. The delicious and afordable food, impressive culture, ancient ruins and beautiful beaches … that tourists can not ignore when travelling across Thailand, especially for shoppaholics!

Apart from bustling Bangkok, Phuket is Thailand’s most famous attraction with great natural scenery, vibrant entertainment districts and unique traditional craft villages. The most ideal time period for you to visit Phuket is from April 12 to May because the sea is calm, the weather is not too hot. My first time to Phuket was on May 7. Then drizzle shady rain still relentlessly all day but people are not afraid of rain bared play you ?

How to get to Phuket

From Vietnam to Phuket now quite easy and convenient. You can fly to Bangkok with Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Qatar … But the cheap airline Air Asia is still the top choice. You should plan your travel a few months in advance to get the tickets with the most affordable price.

From Phuket airport to go to the center, you can hire the private transfer 700Baht / 4 seats, or Minivan 150Baht / 1 visitors to Patong Beach; Kata and Karon 180Baht and finally 550-650Baht taxi. If you go east, you should use the private person would transfer more convenient. Where the number of people at (2) then I encourage minivan is more an appropriate choice. Minivan will transport you directly to your hotel just patiently wait  for your turn. On the road the car will stop in the main office to sell the tickets and tours. You should book tickets here always bared afternoon, from Patong to the airport for about 180Baht little more expensive.

Places to visit in Phuket

Phuket has three main areas Karon, Patong and Kuta. Each district has its own characteristics suitable for many different purposes of your travel

  1. Patong Beach

This area of ​​Phuket attracts the most tourists and the tourists’ mecca of “sex”. Patong is known for many nightlife districts, bars full of people, fascinating local restaurants, souvenir shops… this is a place with no sleep, as of late as jubilantly boisterous, gatecrash invites visitors throughout the night.

  1. Kata Beach

20km from the city of Phuket, as opposed to the hustle and bustle of Patong, Kata is famous for the  peaceful and poetic atmosphere. Kata is the place to relax, feel the ocean, walk on the beach and swim in the ocean. Kata is also the ideal place for honeymoon, family meetings and quiet favorite couple. And enlist their spouses motorcycle rental Kata shoreline stroll sunset. White sand, blue sea, green landscape. But to be honest, if compared with the beautiful paradise Boracay , this is not a match?

  1. Karon Beach

This is a beautiful beach almost as good as Kata beach. Long beach, white sand with a lot of big beautiful resorts. But prices here are very expensive. If you want a resort where it is luxurious and quiet to enjoy the beauty of the sea at night, this place is extremely ideal in Phuket.

  1. Phil Phil Island

On this you will be diving to see the coral reefs and the colorful fish. His wife and only Phil Phil island tour only. As far as my research goes, you should choose Big Cruise ships slow, low cost and minimize seasickness, especially when traveling with family, with children. From Big Cruise you will take small boats to go diving and swimming.

Then you will have a delicious lunch at a restaurant along the island before leaving Phil Phil. If you want to stay as long as the island, just keep the tickets went on. Usually ships about flights and flight-dimensional light. 2-way vessel prices range from 650 baht to 1000 baht.

Due to our schedule in Phuket lasted only three days, the rest was shopping in Bangkok. Phuket short yet leave much impression on an island most vibrant shades but lyrical. With a bit of experience to with you, I hope you will find it useful on your trip to Phuket! Have a nice trip.

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