The beauty of the workers on salt pans


Vietnam is not only gorgeous by the flooded rice fields golden harvest or picture blue sea, white sand, sunshine has gone deep into the subconscious that flickers somewhere, in the coastal areas, people I was mesmerized by the salt pans is extracted from the pearl of the sea drops, by the naivete of salt, how harsh life with the birth of rain.
Along the coastal areas, besides the perennial now floating on the waves, in the period from December this year to May next year, some regions are busy in work to seek additional revenue salt import.

Admire the beauty of the salt field in Vietnam to better understand the hardships of life of the salt workers, to show more respect for each grain of salt salty sweat soaked laborers.

Each grain of salt salty sweat soaked laborers
Spread over an S-shaped piece of land, one can encounter numerous salt pans at several sites on the national domain. That may be the salt pans Former Phuong – Ninh Thuan stunning, the Sa Huynh salt fields – Quang Ngai, where bearing traces of an ancient culture and idyllic beauty of Hon Khoi salt field – Khanh Hoa central piece of land where the seasons of sun and wind.
Where liberal southern land, visitors to pay back the salt pans Ba Tri – Ben or full beauty wild character of Long Dien salt fields – Vung Tau.
Not stopping there, the northern agricultural land is also beautiful images strange salt under the lens of the photographer. It is a salt field Diem Dien – Pacific Vitality, a salt field agonized Hai Hau carrying bags.
It seems that each region is a small piece of the picture of nature’s spectacular ocean that highlight in the image of the salt workers are diligently cared for each service salts.
Who had once set foot on the lands that see the beauty of the rustic, casual but attractive to heart. There is nothing more beautiful than to be watching the salt fields under the scorching sun of the sun. At each different time of the day, people seem to feel the beauty of the salt field at different angles than lyrical and nostalgic.
A day of salt and salt start from early morning dawn, when the first rays of a new day is shy behind bamboo village. Each party hats leaves, shoulder carrying his load, suspension announcement thrill go toward the sea.
For the first time witnessed the salt stage, visitors will be surprised with the hardships that the salt must undergo to create pure white salt particles are used daily.
First stage of tillage, soaked sand and sea water which is then leveled sand, basking on irrigated land and sea on deck, salt bait. When dry sand, each grain of sand on each grain of salt will crystallize small.
At about midday sun, the 12h to 1h is about time people use the sea water salinity measurements to determine the concentration of salt. He did not mind the hot sun, on each of the ten fields, the buckling on the back, basking in the sun skin braised to wait their labor outcomes. God as the sun, salt as quickly forming, the sun burning flesh was in favor of God to be a bumper crop, add salt to the white particles, pure.
Salt began to crystallize at around 14h everyday hustle salt again embarked upon harvesting salt. Each salt mounds are grouped and white is reflective of the sun under the sun even more sparkle like jewels manna drops
Dimensional ball is coming down, each party to bear tandem with heavy salt on his shoulders, happy gathering place towards salt. It seems on the face of each of them filled with satisfaction, joy for the fruits of labor of a long day.
They stayed like that until absorbed until sunset, when the distant horizon headline, he sun was gradually retreated behind the ridge, photos farmers on salt pans still find the job description later in the day.
Having said that, in the vast landscape of sea, murmur of waves, images of salt on salt pans Vietnam extremely small, but in them, people feel a vitality overflowing, an intense spiritual rise. On his skinny shoulders as produce of the earth, the grain of salt because they create become an indispensable spice in everyday life of people.
Thank the Creator has endowed Vietnam waters so lyrical, thanked the farmers as flood, sell items for sell land back to heaven, his gong sweet chiu every drop of the sea, to love Star country and people of Vietnam, a small but resilient strange.

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