Enjoy the Porridge soup that be a Rustic flavor for a night in Nghe An


Porridge is attractived with soup broth by the diners by color yellow, constant waves of country-tinged scent as shrimp, meat, fish, fruit, is rustic dishes that visitors should try.

In the city of Vinh (Nghe An), porridge soup is familiar dishes that you can easily find in many restaurants. It is breakfast, lunch or late afternoon to eat but to find a tasty diner in style not everyone knows.

Porridge soup seems looked over wontons or vermicelli noodles. Like Central rustic, honest, porridge soup formal look unsightly but eat very unforgettable.

The main material is made dish of flour, a little rice flour. Flour mixed with water, mold until very fine, for the presses into strips, then put in a pot of boiling water for pasta cooked. It is the noodles into cold water to wheat hardness, toughness and not stick together.

Tasty broth soup depends on how prepared broth and spices come. Water is used by security and spicy pork bone to fit the mouth. Depending on the consistency that has more different materials as some sliced ​​sausages sliced, boiled quail egg, fish meat or fruit can also place more attractive a few shrimp.

Rice soup soup is served with soft noodles, coriander leaf boats dotted few ingredients julienne with constant waves of fragrant broth, hot. When you eat a little more lemon juice, a little chili to be enjoyed. You will feel sour, spicy, sweet, very interesting mix.

Soup porridge shop was crowded and well known in the Vinh is behind gates Door Male. Porridge soup here is always warm bread tutoring crispy disks, you can scan into soup broth soup to enjoy. However here are crowded so you must be patient to wait. Also some shops opposite the school gate as level 2 Quang Trung, cost about 15,000 dong / bowl.

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