Visit a small restaurant serving Salad of prawn and fried shrimp with salt at Saigon


The meaty crawfish, stocky turns slightly pink when exposed to a mixture of rice vinegar, lemon suited to aperitif before dinner barbeque.

There are plenty of awkward customers enjoy a raw or undercooked, but not many people recognize what this dish taste very good stimuli, making them feel more delicious meals. Prawn dish in small restaurant located in re alley Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 1, is one such dish.

A bowl made from 1 to 2 ounces of shrimp and the price of VND 80,000 / ounce, the very fresh, like son and loud. When we came here, before calling on the stone barbeque salt or tiles, many customers began with the first dish of shrimp and prawn re accompany.
Tiger shrimp are peeled re careful, take the road just above his spine, leaving the tail. After you have cleaned will, shrimp dipped in a mixture of rice vinegar, lemon, herbs and chopped chilli slices. Part rice vinegar and lemon proportion to many, flooded a burned hand, the new shrimp quickly re.

When putting prawn mixture, just a few minutes later you will see the shrimp changes color from grayish pink switch, is edible. Just look at the shrimp bowl was enough make you feel ravenous, wanting to take chopsticks to eat right.

Especially in this shop, you do not put shrimp with mustard sauce, but served with homemade mixture consisting of lemon sauce and tomatoes. Both are naturally slightly acidic taste, but quite pleasant.
Comes with prawn dish is the shrimp fried with salt re. Instead of headless shrimp like many other places, here to take advantage of this section on the pan fried, then sprinkled with salt by homemade bar above.

Two dishes suited to the cool rainy afternoon, while diners sip with friends, just tell each other interesting stories at the dinner table.

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