Sahara Night (pt2) – The pebbles in the city


Just like humans, I believe that any city has its soul.

If Europe is characterized by methodical architecture and quaint, the Marrakech glamorous girl hiding behind Saudi buqa head cover plate.

The voice of the Berbers Marrakech is the land of God. This people dominate Morocco before the Arabs invaded from the Middle East, Marrakech, for they are like the Jews in Jerusalem or Mecca for Muslims, though currently most of the Berbers converted to Islam.

 Located acres in the fertile valley at the foot of the Atlas peaks, Marrakech has fairly mild climate, not too cold in the high mountains, or too dry and hot as the Sahara. It is a trade connections between the port city on the shores of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean with places deep in the Black continent.

Ideal natural conditions helped Marrakech became gathering place not only for the four corners of Morocco but also in North Africa. This is where you can find anything from the Arab world.

This is most evident through the souk in the old town Medina market where merchants, craftsmen turning the pants together to form a commercial center with the most attractive in Africa. Souk is organized with crisscrossing streets chessboard as 36 streets of Hanoi, but the width is much narrower, so most just walk alleys or at best bikes and motorcycles.

But there can be advantages, because you can admire more comfortable, thereby feel “Soul City” of Marrakech.

In the souk to use the full capacity of all five senses. From the eyes to capture all the kaleidoscopic colors of numerous small items mixed with the African sun, until your ears hear the sounds of everyday life town, right on high alert to not miss anything.

But senses are sublimated to the sense of smell the most. Souk area is organized as a labyrinth are separated by the different flavors. Just turn on a certain corner, immediately you will feel the smell characteristic for each street.

 From floral d’Argan, smelling jasmine and roses mix the flavoring street crossing, until the smell of rough leather and leather goods Date Date in the city, then the aroma of passion Tajin dishes from restaurants , to smell aromatic woods and soothing in the rustic restaurant, all in harmony with each other in a music taste is full of polysyllabic notes.

 I thought if he artisan perfumes Grenouille in “Scent” by Patrick Suskin visited this place, probably would take weeks for him to fully explore the flavors hidden in every corner.

Rambling so, but if you want to buy a gift that might lever mind a little artist, because you will have to bargain no different than the beaches of Vietnam. He was my Japanese friend bought a traditional robe Berber lost 100 MAD (300 thousand VND), after being yelled 600MAD price. The Netherlands you pay 500MAD others to take a similar, although he is always proud to have “talks” are to 100 MAD.

“Buying and selling here as well as a game, have won, however. Be the win or lose, both sellers buyers are happy, “a salesman said.

Once exhausted with eye-catching items at souk and aroma, and perhaps tired of the bargain, you will want to return to the square Djemaa El-Fna, the heart of the medina, to fall into countless Moroccan restaurants offering.

Or simply have a cup of French coffee, listening to loud drum beats, the song Arabian mysticism, or watched the cobra bending his uncle rhythmic flute boss.

When dusk sky, all operations will stop to give way to prayer emanating from the four corners of the mosque in the city. The usual bustle will be replaced by a religious atmosphere full of mysterious, enchanting, and archaic. On the sun fading behind Koutoubia mosque, you will find yourself back Arab world in the last few centuries ago.

The pebbles on the street

Tourism is one of the key economic sectors of Morocco, bringing annual sales of about seven billion dollars, and is the main foreign exchange earner for the country. That is why this country protect visitors quite attentive.

In the famous places in Marrakech, when there is a tourist police team regularly patrols to ensure security.

However, the tourists fall in local natural la retina of the pimp is unavoidable. It could be a guy who took the monkey and on the tourists take pictures, then yelled exorbitant price (around 200 Dirham, ie 600 thousand VND). Either a store intentionally “miscalculated” to rise to double bill. Or group taxi driver to run around and charge the actual cost 5-10x.

“Since stepping down airports, you will like the fish fall into hunting grounds of the builders sentence,” A Dutch tourist said to me.

“There is a certain man came up and asked for the first time to Morocco? Netherlands? The Netherlands is great! “

“You will laugh at them, they would suggest taking you to the hotel, and the story goes on until you get there. Then, they will ask for money for more than 15 Euro guide (400 thousand) for a distance of just a five minute walk. “

Me personally led by the nose by a hand purportedly tourist city staff, guide visitors to the inn. After some wandering around the old town, he demanded 150 dirhams (400 thousand). Arguing for a while, I pay 40 dirhams (120 thousand) and he also received and discarded.

 Many travelers I met in Morocco said that this country is very beautiful, but they probably will not be back, by way of dealing with tourists is indecent and make them feel uncomfortable.

“They just want to rob as much money as possible,” Andra, my friend who Rumania resented being waylaid by a hand “guides.”

My silence was not involved in the story, because what happened here is no different than Vietnam. Probably want to understand why more than 80% of travelers do not return to our country, well worth the money and try as bait in other countries.

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