Some of compared websites of hotel prices that you should know


Trends in online hotel reservations were becoming popular in Vietnam in recent years. The booking website as,,,, … has become familiar to many visitors. To be able to set yourself a hotel room as required with most reasonable prices many tourists visited the site to track the price and then decide whether to put on any website. The website-so-constant-price-room-guest-star-you-should-know-it takes time instead so the appearance of the tools compare hotel prices to help travelers save a lot of time more space and, of course, it helps you get a room as desired with the cheapest prices. Here is the website compare hotel prices which you should know: is a price comparison website from all hotel booking sites like Expedia large,, Venere, LateRooms, Travelocity, Agoda Hostelbookers, … thereby helping visitors can compare and book quickly and easily. Born in 2005 to support this search over 120,000 hotels worldwide destinations. currently supports more than 40 languages ​​(including Vietnamese) for 120 currencies. According to statistics, the average per year has more than 300 million people access.

Founded in 2005, Trivago is a search system and compare hotel prices around the world, growing in markets of Germany, Spain, France, Britain, Italy and more recently Noodle. Show Trivago with data from 143 hotel 620 610 Website.

Expedia has signed an agreement to acquire 62% stake in Trivago, Expedia paid the amount that the acquisition is EUR 477 million (approximately 632 million) of which USD 426.4 million in cash.

Kayak is a search engine travel services, price comparison services as airplane travel, hotel, car rental services, … Kayak was founded by Steve Hafner and Paul M. English of 2004. Kayak. com currently supports 17 languages. Each year more than 1 billion passengers Kayak access, mobile applications now has over 35 million downloads.

Priceline (owns,,, …) bought the website for $ 1.8 billion.

Travel social network about Tripadvisor is the world’s largest channel for tourists seeking information before departure. Recently Tripadvisor led many travel tools on our website, such as room reservations at restaurants, book tour and compare hotel prices. Limitations of the current Tripadvisor website booking number is used to compare not much.

Skyscanner is site search and compare airfares currently the world’s largest. Skyscanner page officially launched in 2001, with an office was opened in Edinburgh. After 10 years of operation, now Skyscanner has offices in the UK, Singapore, Beijing, Shenzhen, Miami and Barcelona. Website support 30 different languages ​​(with Vietnamese). With the desire to become a site comparable to service the world’s largest tourism, Skyscanner has recently developed search tools, compare and book hotels. Skyscanner currently has over 60 million visitors per month.

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