Son Tra Peninsula – Gift of nature


Son Tra is a privilege that nature has generously bestowed on the Da Nang. Stand anywhere on earth Danang can see this mountain. In shape leaned reached the sea, Son Tra is a huge hanging painting storm shield for the city. Along investigation Danang airport flight schedule to hurry to the Son Tra Peninsula.

Located 10 km from the city center to the Northeast, Son Tra Peninsula with 693 m altitude compared to sea level; a mushroom-shaped head is Son Tra mountain mushrooms and mushroom body is sand alluvial deposits, creating a beautiful golden sand and pure. It’s also a nature reserve and rich diversity, are protected under national regimes forbidden forest, famous as home to unique vegetation with many rare wild animals like deer, monkeys, gibbons, orangutans, shanked langur, red face chicken … natural scenery here is so seductive; Folk rumors that the fairy from heaven sand often choose where to descended, dance, chess together … so also called Tien Sa.


On top of Son Tra, just enjoy the cool air, the fresh sea and mountains, has panoramic away, the entire city of Da Nang, Marble Mountains, reefs Ba Na – Nui Chua … like collapse in sight of each person.


And also here, visitors can count visitors Stone creek foothills poetic side, immersed in the cool stream of the sea, watching the sand around the peninsula clean and smooth, steady tide up down millions of years of erosion and clean balls piled rocks along the shore, stopping at quiet Bai But with small cottages pleased to hear the ocean waves roll or watching the flying wing of the canaries went nest towards the cliffs protruding.

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