Spain – Shopping heaven for football fans in Madrid


Spain  always attracts tourists with many exciting attractions. We hope to share a little experience in the Spanish tourism which can help you be more active in the journey exploring this beautiful country.

  1. Luggage carries

What should be prepared when traveling in Spain? When arranging your luggage, you should bring the necessary items for your trip, which are towels, brushes, razors, preventive medicine and clothing items. In hand luggage when brought to Spain you should not bring  sharp items such as knives, scissors or nail clippers … as well as product like creams, water, perfumes, oils, shampoo,…

The other valuable items such as gold, diamonds, cameras, laptops should not be carried nor deposited in checked baggage (laptop and camera will not be included in your hand luggage).

  1. Eating in Spain 

There are some things you should definitely try in Spain

Sangria – this is the typical Spanish wine has a very high alcohol content, it is made of fresh fruits such as strawberries, orange, peach, apricot …

Jamon Serrano ham

Lemon beer (Shandy) – is a refreshing beer in the hot sweltering summer days in Spain

Rioja wine: This is the most popular wines in Spain by great taste, one thing is its unique Duo in genuine leather bags.

Portuguese wines, especially sweet wines

You should stop by the restaurant Casa Botín, this is the oldest restaurant that has been continuously operated since 1725 in the city of Madrid, Spain. Famous great writer Earnest Hemmingway would always come back here because this was his favorite place, most delicious food and the most popular dish here is roasted suckling pig.


  1. Shopping in Spain

The following special items can make you enjoy to Spain:

– Records of Flamenco artists Spanish Paco de Lucia as

– Store Capas Sesena (Madrid): The only retail brand only produce gowns. The rich and famous people in the world are fans of this brand.

– The team’s football kits  with the signatures of the players or souvenirs of the famous club Real Madrid or Barcelona in the museum in the stadium.

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