Tan Lap floating village


To take a trip just wrapped up in the weekend again just to satisfy the curiosity of those who love traveling, Tan Lap is an ideal suggestion. ‘If you do not have time to go far, go on cruises floating village Lap!’ – The call dear friend in Long An making us ‘startled’ by Long An is close enough to familiar for everyone…
Referring to Long An, everyone according to “prejudice” that this country is the birthplace of her rice grain aromatic rice wine market Den Digging and nameless voice, but there is nothing glamorous tourists stopping to visit the zoo, clams du. Yet, in those days, when the same group of friends as well visit the Tan Lap village – a place that I’ll have a heart full of flutter.
We selected popular route to Tan Lap Village Phan Van Hon way to connect to Duc Hoa Long – Dehui. When to Dehui, visit the group enlisted the ancient village of Phuoc Loc Tho quite famous. In this village, there are about 15 houses antique collectibles owners and reconstruction following the model of North Central South quite adequate. All are made of wood, carefully touch with mosaic patterned nacre or gilded, especially the houses are put together by a dream, do not use nails.
The artisans from Hue to work uninterrupted for years. The house has 36 columns smallest and largest houses consisting of 104 columns. Also, with cabinets, furniture, beds and other objects are fully furnished house, so when came in, we had the feeling of being back past.
Leaving the ancient houses, after more than 1 hour ride, Tan Lap village floating out through the gate, it looks akin to the roof. Just drive into the port until a few minutes, cool gentle scenery has attracted very fast group mind. In this place, you can put eyes admire rustic beauty of lush rice paddies, fields scattered fragrant gardens shaking left or left stick the young green custard like like thorns in shiny yellow sun. Going deeper into the culture area with countless honey the barrels are whirring, bees sound of weapons. Suddenly more love peaceful land, this sweet nectar, which has come to fruition to help humans and animals have the opportunity to lead a balanced life!
Visit the floating village, the group was so surprised because not knowing a place close to Saigon armpit space possesses a beautiful waterways such poetic. On the principle that displacement views floating village between earth and sky blue cool, she whispered in my ear you next: The landscape also “delicious” than landmarks Chu Gia Enlightenment – which was hailed as the Oriental Venice eyebrow … Phi laugh, I gestured, picked a duckweed float on water and joking hear more from his share of the village guided float.
Previously, landmark Lap which is a freshwater mangroves sizable Long An Province, bordering the wetlands of the Plain of Reeds and linked together to form one vast swathes with an area of ​​up to tens of thousands of hectares. Because lying country bordering Cambodia (about 15 km south) so ago, this place is under the control of forces rather tight border between the two countries. Over time, this landmark has been renovated into ecotourism zones with distinctive names – Lap floating village.
With an area of ​​135 hectares and is estimated to cost hundreds of billions of investment, this resort has a separate identity, not duplicate or mixed with other tourist areas of the Mekong Delta. Visit the Tan Lap, guests can enjoying a relaxing recreational games such as fishing, boating sight lotus, water lilies bloom, fragrant and picking wild vegetables to eat grilled fish together, bird watching, to see arable farm fragrant fields …
We also guided walk exploring mangrove forests flooded in Tan Lap day still waters of alum red light. Drifting boat floating in the immense forest campus to hear birds chirping for food altogether.
On the water profusely waterway, winding curved soft as silk, languid boat weaving between the hundreds of century-old from 1.2 down to, subtle scents from Melaleuca white petals li ti wonky in the sun. Standing on the boat, I launched out of sight to watch the mini dress, dress flower petal color gun Aaron Arabic, ear all the birds together orchestral symphony boisterous playful nature. A question suddenly pop out softly singing: “Baby come this spring, thousands of flower petal color red sun …”.

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