Visit to Tây Ninh for enjoying their specialties


Tay Ninh is the place which has got the sunright for almost time in year, with unique topography has characterized the plains, have characteristic plateau region. The specialty here is not much but very typical delicacies, difficult to obtain elsewhere.

Rice Paper Roll pork dew

Rice paper is dew specialty cakes coated in Trang Bang District – Tay Ninh. Cake circles as other kinds of cake, salty, flexible, opaque, can be used directly without baked crispy. On Highway 22, the town of Trang Bang is home to hundreds of specialized manufacturing oven coated cakes dew.

To cook delicious cakes, most importantly chosing material. Rice cakes have a new, fragrant and not blended. Create moderately salty, they add a little salt. Once finished cake will dry Solarize then to baking stages. This is the phase requires experience of workers. Cake not cooked or too small. When the mulch surface particles smaller bubbles, opaque blaze was unsatisfactory. Next, the bread was dry fog in the night or early morning to absorb the essence, the dew of heaven and earth water. Because soft porous and moisture for rear fog should be used factory-built right in about 1 week.

To crown your very own taste dew girdle cakes, users will be served with boiled pork with vegetables Roll. Roll cake is very rich vegetables such as leaf chives, lettuce fish, toads leaves, perilla, basil leaves ready to, Melaleuca guava … with cucumber, sprouts. Roll pieces flavor with the aroma of pork fat, bitter taste of the vegetables mixed with bit of tasty sweet and sour sauce to taste.

Bread soup

Landmarks Trang Bang associated with many delicious culinary specialties Xining. In particular, bread soup bowl made its own brand for this area. For fiber white bread soup, fragrant tough to do from her fragrant rice Special Education Fair area. After soaking milled rice, steamed, baked the bread pale strands. Featured bread soup bowl with beef, pork, blood, refreshing air in bold flavors of soups.

Salted shrimp

Being landlocked areas, lack both salt and shrimp, but Xining still boasts famous dish tasty spices. This is also the secret of the people own land wind sunny.

Salt and shrimp import from neighboring provinces, according to its own recipes, the Xining to launch darker salt dish of shrimp, fragrant taste chili, especially stimulate the taste. Save salts become easy grinding spices, indispensable when eaten junk items like toads, mango, guava or cake trang.tron. Salted shrimp are packed into each vial handy, a gift more travelers are choosing dedicate their dependents have visited.

Nem grapefruit peel

Nem grapefruit peel become vegetarian dishes longstanding land in Ninh Hiep, Tay Ninh. Like its name suggests, is from grapefruit peel nem fibroblasts, cells mixed with papaya and star fruit ingredients such as water, spices, garlic, chilli, add dry presses and steamed. For rolls with bright colors, people do also add a little water and scarlet smear or shrimp brick.

Wedges of fresh red, pungent taste of pepper, moderately chewy, salty sour attractive, creating special flavor of vegetarian spring rolls. In particular, the dish is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. On holidays, the number of tourists to visit Mrs. Black Mountain, rising Vatican area, neighbors do nem also become bustling.

Screws cents

Screws cents on Ba river snail, snail-like, but his flat. Not only delicious, snail cents also can treat aches. Building Costs cents more expensive than other types, but especially tourists favored. Recipes building trend not too fussy, just steamed with ginger, lemongrass is just delicious preserved characteristic flavor of mountain building.

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