Teppanyaki – The “smoke and fire” art


Teppanyaki – you not only enjoy the taste but also admire the skillful hands of the Japanese chef. People often say: “Cooking is an art, but the chef is an artist”. This is not wrong with these chefs make the sauté dishes with Teppanyaki style.

Like the artists before performing in front of thousands of spectators, opened with a bow, then too with Japanese chefs. They will bow to the guests, and then the next diners will admire the talents of the chefs processing with hands over the technical virtuosity of throw and catch, cutting, slicing, shearing … the materials are juggling, aerobatics until coming to a plate of food in front of diners only 2 when the “shovel” and 1 iron blade. Diners will flat eyes, O eyes, mouth the letter A, and sometimes startled when dodged to one side suddenly flames on burning iron blade, but you be assured that you will not get fat because mump this is one of the basic techniques of fire adjusted chef and you will not help admiring admiration.


In Japanese, “teppan” means iron plate, “yaki” means grilled. 1 Understand how na teppanyaki means cooking on iron plates. Newly open conversation with the chef at the teppan has seen firsthand the performance of “virtual roll pan” What is also interested in.
There are many documents that teppanyaki is not one form of Japanese cuisine, which is the introduction of the West before, and the Japanese were first elevated to pure Japanese form of cooking. But the majority of the Japanese people they think this is one form of the traditional cooking of their own country. According to their reasoning, the ancient times in Japan already exist by way of cooking on flame grill. Cooking style was scorched cook directly on the flame in the first time, to modern times, the barbeque on the grill flames through one and then grilled to become mainstream. By the early Showa era, style cooking on charcoal brazier away very popular. At that time, the typical metal is very valuable iron, almost did not see the form of cooking on the iron plate. After the war, the cooking using iron plates are more popular, it has been in the mobile sidewalk stalls and the black market.

Scrap iron plates in the car, the plane was used for cooking, they set him on fire and iron plate grill food on it. This is said to be the beginning of teppanyaki. After the war, food became scarce, 1 few grilled vegetables and increasing types of flour and water, typically okomiyaki (Japanese pancake) and monja yaki (similar to pancakes okomiyaki but little powder more and more water, eat a little pasty) processing teppanyaki style. Then, teppanyaki quickly spread from person to person by processing the raw materials too gentle simplicity.


Currently, the hotplate is widespread, teppanyaki can be processed easily at home. It is possible with the above-mentioned historical context, become familiar teppanyaki place in gatherings such as outdoor festivals or restaurants …

Best friend has kept pace with the chef tenppanyaki

To give birth to the performance of their art chef profession indispensable basic items such as knives, forks, shovels, and fire pipe ….

Food will retain freshness, must have the vitamins in food will not be lost, you will feel the fresh crispy vegetables while sipping while meat or seafood cooked to, not chewy but song.Tat nor the newly-minted, should still hot, delicious. Well, longer dish supposedly very hygienic, this from the debate, because the Japanese are inherently very clean, there is not much more you market entry. If you prefer to eat ripe one bit can ask chefs to add, but I encourage you to enjoy the full 1 times the talents of the chef …
Vietnamese people often enjoy food with all five senses: Sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing. Ate the right eye to see the color of dishes, beautiful presentation of dishes, teeth must touch the food, nose to smell nutty, must feel the tongue, ears to hear chewing food.


If these terms, perhaps the dishes prepared by Japanese teppanyaki fully meets these criteria, but hesitate anymore, try 1 time set foot in the shop teppanyaki, I think the charm rinsing in the processing of teppanyaki will delight the most discerning diners …. believe me even one time, will you do?

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