Thailand – Bangkok trip (pt1) – Many thing to say!

When I buy cheap tickets in promotions of AirAsia few months ago, almost to the day goes, all received the bad news that wants to discourage new audiotape: Thailand floods raging, Bangkok is about to drown … someday overturn newspaper, watch the news of his signing press Vietnam also saw terrible situation. Confer with friends come together in flight, they were all united spirit “fear dissipated rain”, too much then go eat tom yum which … done to the hotel … and so thick all decided not change, to date the group carrying the backpack on the road & not forget to buy travel insurance for risks across Bangkok that have been washed away, the loved ones at home … There is insurance money that fly to Thailand to find something relative in here.

So say for fun but I have a habit of going out of their country and buy insurance. Not worth much, but when nothing happened the benefits of insurance to bring plenty. Said it sounded bad luck but I think that this is necessary because in life anything can happen … but the Vietnamese themselves so rarely noticed. I was no exception, the purchase of this insurance I learned from her old boss … or tell her staff do well to “Think of the best & the worst prepare for”!

Back outing …
Bangkok Airport is more than 7pm. Guests despite flooding message still flock to Bangkok’s congested. The queue line entry procedures are putting people … How long immigration clearance at the door station & Customs to finish, our brothers in the basement and buying a ticket to the city. Outings savings should not take the express train 90baht price / 1 person jointly train of plain accept only half the travel time a little longer. Bangkok night sky poured rain, watched the rain rushing through the doorway ship creates long lines of white water mixed with overhead lights off in the distance from the buiding looks very nice. Central Bangkok gradually coming out when the train terminus of line route is Paya Thai city. And we also left the ship to turn over the BTS to the hotel.

I book hotels All Seasons Bangkok Victory Monument at the request of his colleague in the office Thailand. The hotel is located very close to the BTS station Sanam Pao extremely convenient for travel. The hotel premises clean, with buffet breakfast, with gym, pool … & prices acceptable [1500 THB / nite]. We almost went back in Bangkok by BTS, MRT, rarely take a taxi because the taxis in Bangkok are or were stuck in traffic, take more time.

The first day in Bangkok, the group pull together to Dumnoen Saduak floating market of Bangkok about 80 kilometers. Going up the consolidated group of 8 people hardly take a taxi. Go 2 4 seats, the division among the sad, 7 seats tucked away 8 people crowded … But because of the fun should stop all 8 people crammed onto a car to walking and eight stories for fun!

Compared with last time I had this floating market is much less tourists by not tourist season & this is the rainy season in Thailand. This season in many countries, the shop selling the two main channels were flooded & sellers must wear boots or water beams stand sales. Guests rainy season boats on a river less should no longer crowded as before, fruit flooding scarcity and soaring prices. Rambutan sell ridiculous price, mangosteen prices also on cloudy & durian, that idea on the roof should not eat what was left floating in this market at all! Floating Market is built up to make tourism more attractions for tourists rather than natural floating market in western style should own all day every winter, strewn with shops selling everything for travelers but I they do not like it very much because every show fake … too commercial & lifeless. Wander under the floating markets canal done, we drove away lunch & return to Bangkok had visited the temple Wat Po Reclining Buddha beautiful country famous in Thailand until after the sun is out tops pinnacles rising in Wat Po just left here to go through the Silom wandering to Siam, MBK until midnight.

Take Thailand, I would like especially to eat. I’m addicted to what Thai food should also favorite dishes, tom yum words, papaya salad … to jar trick, mango sticky rice, grilled chicken, hot pot … I also find dishes both delicious. Thai food is so delicious spices, the smell of spices always stimulate your taste buds do not know tired eat forever! Especially with the Chinese as my favorite spicy Thai food was too consistent. Every time, two things I can not ignore the tom yum go eat Thai papaya salad & … then go massage. Thai Massage is the dzach, just go play tired is swooping into massage parlors to massage the legs, head and shoulder massage, body massage … always liked style & over. Thai baht lately strengthened its & co VND devaluation should work out quite suffering rather than every day before going Thai Vietnamese money is found low in price.

These days in Bangkok bright sun blazing sun every afternoon rain … go play outdoors morning while the afternoon wandering the mall around should get into how even the rain outside, nor worry about anything. The second day in Bangkok in order on Saturday, we spent a day shopping Chatuchak weekend. From the hotel, we go through a station BTS is just coming right Mochit Chatuchak Market. This market several times before but was always pleasure. Chatuchak Weekend Market is arguably the biggest weekend market world is not wrong results. How much is the shop, is a sale of all kinds make visitors entered was always drunk … do not want to go nostalgic. Crowded together buyers and sellers bid price yelled bustle … who go to market without buying an item brought the most unlikely thing with the girls love crafts furniture, home decorations … As for those who delight to eat snacks, try to make everyone have a food item as they are eye-catching display too … Do not eat food, then at least enjoy a cup of coconut cream, tangerines or a glass bottle fruit …

Thailand was submerged in flood. The region north of Bangkok are flooded. We plan to go Ayuthaya but failed because there is deep domestic & Traffic was divided. In Bangkok, people follow government orders using sandbags sure if flood prevention dykes broken or northern flood discharge from the reservoir will flow. In addition to the sandbags put before the house in Bangkok not show any signs of flooding. MRT are running normally, the mall was bustling as usual, supermarket goods are still teeming & bars, cafes full of people well. If just reading the newspaper in VN write’m imagining Bangkok is awful but the situation is not so … there are newspaper people write is vying supermarket buying a clean scoop away seats!

I went to Thailand many times, but still love to be back. The regular business trips formerly luxurious hotel in the Chao Praya River has left me many beautiful memories to Bangkok, especially the boat trip on the river and colleagues at sunset It’s hard to forget … Then the time to dust off wandering backpacker area in hotel wrinkled spend money to go eat, go massage also filled with unforgettable memories … & this trip with your group on schedule: Day outings Throughout, massage till late evening on gambling to 2-3a.m … though a little bit but the lack of sleep and never get tired for fun too. It is true that Bangkok is not as beautiful as the other cities, but I liked it, I liked by many of his own reason … I like because people here are really friendly, I like so much this place has good food, I like because here I have many beautiful memories & more one thing I like is that I liked the massage here …

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