Thầy’s Pagoda (Old Ha Tay)

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It is a temple which is situated at the foot of a limestone mountain range rising arc between Sai Son Commune plains, Thay Pagoda (Thien Phuc self) belonging to two villages Da Phuc and Thuy Khue, Quoc Oai District, Ha Tay province, is a charming small area, such as Penglai scenery.
According to the local elderly, before Tu Dao Hanh founded the temple here in the foothills with a lake. In front of the lake with a large promontory running from the middle of the mountain range protrudes like a dragon crawling lake water alone. Those who build the temple was hung up for more broad promontory out, enough to build a temple superficial. It is also for Sai Son mountain range as a dragon is drowning, head propped up on the tops Long Dau. Or Saison’s wallet dragon and flame Long Dau is the jewel in the dragon’s mouth. Not only have the natural advantage that Thay Pagoda is also home colony, four villages covered surface makes this not the Zen place become prosperous, lights incense cared all year. With a privileged location: situated along the waterfront of Day-an ancient main traffic routes, Thay Pagoda as a “chain” of relics chain including Long Dau Pagoda, Phat Hoa pagoda, temple Kim Hoang, uncalled into a unified architectural ensemble.
Thay Pagoda Buddhist architecture money – Miss St. – a rather special type of knowledge in Buddhism in Vietnam and Southeast Asia region in general. Up to now in the Red River Delta, about 15 Buddhist temples money – Miss St. but only 5 Temple structured surface by post-authentic style Phat Holy money, which has its own architecture to St. Along with other temples like Keo Pagoda (Thai Binh and Nam Dinh), Boi Khe Pagoda, Temple President (Ha Tay), Thay Pagoda is a typical example for this architecture, however, it has more or less individual uniqueness.
Temple is preserved stele 7 are dated to the 17th century, which has an inscription “Hung create the” built in Duong Duc 7th (1673) talks about the construction of places of worship and named St. People worship merit field. From the date inscribed on the gravestone, and the traces on the architecture, we can imagine that Thay Pagoda which was built on the old platform Tran, just until a major restoration in the 17th century, the temple new form “of domestic foreigners” as of today. Also from this restoration, two groups of buildings to worship Buddha and St was split into two separate buildings, marked the official birth of money Buddha temple informal style – Miss St.
Today, although Thay Pagoda Buddhist temples and Holy electricity were separated, but they are still connected in the structural shape. But unlike almost any temple “of domestic foreigners”, which the ingenious of the folk architecture is the foundation of the temple had roof buildings Thieu hidden flavor if we observe from the yard. So we made it easier to believe that the temple layout Tam typeface. Not only the exterior, the detailed structure inside the temple is very notable. The chassis architecture of the temple is made up of two types of structural truss type, storytelling and gong price. This is a relatively rare form than the temple of the same type in the northern plains.
Also social context seventeenth century when the economic development, the autonomy of the village becoming stronger. This is also the moment, Vietnam culture has affirmed the autonomy of the nation before Gentiles. Therefore, it was particularly concerned about the Saints, not originating from Chinese Taoism, but those who have contributed to the country, with the population. Therefore, when inserted in the temple worship, the gods are not only styled church Hau Buddhist worship is very popular in the seventeenth century, which was worshiped as the patriarch of a land occupation. As Duong Khong Lo legend, making considered him folk nest of bronze casting, making hats, fishing, aquatic therapy. As Pope Tu Dao Hanh is not only a monk, but is considered the founder of puppet craft. So, sometimes the Sacred here to be placed in a higher position worship Buddha. In Thay Pagoda from the interiors, until the power architecture in St. are more solemn Buddhist shrines. From the court incense, until the examination church are made meticulously and oldest dating
Not only that, Thay Pagoda also three statues Tu Dao Hanh. One is placed in the group, one of the main altar and a set of examination at Dien Thanh Tu Dao Hanh. In it, the statue of Tu Dao Hanh made first religious life in the form of puppets put in examination subjects in electricity Holy Church is more noticeable. Legend has it, this phenomenon has burned joints and a leash, when open examination object can stand up to greet … Check this only opened once a year on the occasion of the festival. And statues were carved in a special way so not out intention to enhance the role of the saint from – saints be honored people in the region as the founder of puppet craft. That also explains why the front Thuy Dinh Pagoda has a chamber used to make games for the puppet to represent wards in each festival. Also, on weekdays usually only open side temple to tourists cross to offer incense electricity straight into St. without the forecourt worship Buddha. Here Electrical Bible also known as Shanghai Electric Pagoda Buddhist Pagoda Chinese, this call may also be considered as a proof of authenticity to the Bible more important Buddhist temple Master
From landscape friendly young love, until the living legend of the Holy Tu Dao Hanh, one of the Four Immortals of Vietnam, gave the land of Sai Son becomes sacred. And Thay Pagoda, a beautiful structure has become a rare Buddhist centers of the northern plains, a place of meditation one can not look back.

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