The beautiful experience in my first time for the Deustravel


According to my experience, before coming to a certain place, I always go online to find about al the interesting destinations, then I’m up on the map to view and mark all these spots and never forget to take notes in a notebook or on my phone reminder. I track every road to select the appropriate directions between the points I want to go. Normally I would choose to buy tickets the day to move, there is a very convenient location that is you can buy tickets for a day. I do not remember exactly, but if you want to take the S-Bahn, U-Bahn, bus … it takes about 5-10Eu to buy tickets. But in return you will use for all day without worrying aout to spending more.

The next city I want to share with you is Berlin – a city located in the east of Germany with many historical monuments. Since the fall of the Berlin wall, Berlin is the place to attract tourists from all over the world not by the beauty of decorated, splendid but by the cultural beauty that remains until today. And perhaps it is not too surprising that Berlin in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Any capital city in the world carries a particular beauty represents its country and Berlin too. You can not fail to visit the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) – the symbol of the city. The gate is 26m high, 66.5 m wide and it’s boundary dividing between East and West Germany.

To Berlin you should not ignore the Berliner Dom. Berliner Dom cathedral formerly Dom was rebuilt under Emperor Wilhelm II from 1894 to 1905.

You also do not miss the Alexander Platz district, or Tier zoo and also do not forget Kurfurstendam Garden – one of the most popular shopping streets in Berlin.

The next place I would recommend to you that is Magdeburg – Saxony-Anhalt attached. From Berlin to here is nearly 200km, you will travel approximately 1h15p aboard SE – an average boat speed, not slow boats nor fast train. From Berlin to Magdeburg no fast train (as of the moment in July 2013 when I was there), you much about 50Eu for both outward and backward (Berlin – Magdeburg). Magdeburg city center is old church called the Cathedral of Saints Catherine and Maurice or Cathedral of Magdeburg

Located next to the Cathedral of Magdeburg Cathedral is Die Grüne Zitadelle buildings von Magdeburg Hundertwasserhaus architectural style of the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser Dunkelbunt Regentag.

Located within the beautiful Elbauenpark Jahrtausendturm is a building, designed to showcase the development of science and technology corresponding to the length of 6000 years of human history.

The center of the city is not far from the University of synthetic physicist named Otto-von-renowned Universität Magdeburg Geuricke.

Besides antique and unique architecture, about 15km from the center is Magdeburg Water Bridge – “magic water bridge” . “Water Bridge” connects the Elbe-Havel Canal to the river Elbe Mittelland cut across water channels and become the longest ships traveling the world with a total length of 918m. We call on the river that’s fun river. From the city center you will welcome Magdeburg Strassen-Bahn to get there, about 3km from the water demand will have to point your bus to catch the bus. If winter weather snow, sometimes difficult to reach the bus you will have to walk as much as up to 50cm thick snow. It is also very interesting because during winter, many lakes and ponds freeze.

The next place I would like to share with you is Ostseestrand Warnemuende beach north of Rostock in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. That time I moved from Magdeburg to Rostock, I used the weekend Group tickets are 40Eu 5 people to go for 1 day. You can go the whole country but only used virtues slow ships. Talking is slow but its maximum speed is more than 100km / h, a lot faster than trains in Vietnam. Slow train rides are also very interesting.

Frankfurt is a city of contrast. The rich bankers, students and impoverished existence in a city with many high-rise buildings in Europe, located next to the old building is extremely well preserved. The central area, especially Romer and Museum Square at River Main, attracting millions of visitors each year

Coming to Germany, you also do not want miss the city of Leipzig, Bonn, Koln, Rugen Island, Romantic Rhine, Cologne, Dresden, Lubeck, … If there is more time, I will share more for you on many cities and tourist attractions of this beautiful country Germany.

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