Some of the porridge Street Vendors in Hanoi that beloved by all people


In the cold of afternoon winter at Hanoi, There’s nothing better than enjoying a bowl of hot porridge with seeing the rain, you should enjoy the hot porridge, constant smooth and tasty. Duck porridge, congee porridge chicken or fish, rib cartilage is soft foods, but this is  enough for you to try.

Ribs porridge in To Hien Thanh str

To Hien Thanh street is always busy bustling with many food shops. Rib cartilage soup has long attracted also by the office’s delicious and attractive, especially in a cold rainy day.

Congee is served with rib cartilage quẩy, or lean meat fried atrial position, mushrooms.

Porridge is contained in a pot, enough for one person to eat, fuming when untouched. Do not use shredded rib meat as much other shops, porridge ribs here are original pieces ribs user innkeeper, rice porridge and security are also to whole grain, not pureed.

When you eat you will feel the scent of porridge comparator smooth, soft rib meat, fragrant and crunchy cartilage iron. If called rib cartilage besides beef, mushroom soup bowl will be to add a little minced meat with mushrooms and wood ears, eat very interesting. Price VND 30,000.

Chicken Porridge in Ly Quoc Su Street

Chicken porridge enthusiasts certainly can not ignore soup Ly Quoc Su Street. Shop selling only late in the evenings but always crowded diners.

Chicken soup with onion finely matched fragrant yellow, dotted with green onion leaves look very attractive.

Highlights that bar patrons always attract large amount of chicken fragrant and make and leave you. Only when there are guests, the new owner began filtering meat. Bowl of porridge was served, you can feel the texture of porridge match, nut like me blended with chicken slices of chewy and sweet. Price 35,000 VND / bowl.

Fish porridge Hang Bong


Tasty and sweet taste that does not eat fish was fed porridge made many diners favorite in Hanoi. Fish porridge shop located in Hang Bong communicate with Phung Hung is a reliable address for those who want to enjoy a delicious fish soup tune.

With the main material basa, delicious porridge here, different day than the other fish porridge shop. Using rice porridge milled rice breakage, water and security are cooked from scratch so very fresh fish, fish were removed into large pieces, not to be eaten not crushed bones. Porridge bowl is adorned by green color of the leaves cool dill, pepper, chilli, onion, very fragrant and day, not smell fishy.

Also you can call more kinds of fried fish, fried fish fried crab or heart very attractive. The price of 35,000 dong a bowl of porridge. Shop is usually open from 17h until 23h.

Duck Porridge

White rice soup served with boiled duck dish was interesting for cold rainy day. Duck was chosen as the only 2 kg, fat little but thick flesh, firm, sweet without being chewy meat is cleaned and processed carefully. Meat is cut into small pieces, soft fragrant and sweet.

Porridge with slices of duck meat scented, soft.

Served porridge bowl of broth also colored duck fat, but friable grain, blended with soft smooth to match the green beans and the taste of sticky rice. When you eat you feel the aroma of rice, duck subtle sweetness of the fragrant aroma of shiso, act and smell ship. You can enjoy this dish in many places such as Vu Huu Nghia Tan, Nguyen Phong Sac, Linh Dam area … Price 30,000 VND per bowl.

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