The Day Temple’s Festival – Fallen leaves on the root


I have an uncle who is a very famous monk government. Almost as he constantly busy by the week, take care and Thanksgiving holidays throughout the year in addition to the term holidays, the master spirit of the believers in the region. No temples, no government can work in his years as professor of belonging are familiarized shelves. Already, I’m about to justify them, to house him play, see him scurrying write.

I knew who also have blood playful festive ceremonies, barely saying hello, he was welcomed voice before:
– Hey, open the first of footwear Assembly Government. This year I intend to go no longer write. Oh my god! there’re many subscribers too. Fatigue hand all week and still have not finished here. Last Thursday, as the government has virtually Hoai Linh hand ball. Please baggage.
I walked in the door:
– Yet such instruments ới nephew an hour. This session grandchildren register vacation, Uncle see where ceremonies have fun for nephew Skids with.
Still not looking up, he said:
– Tomorrow night under open government with a towel price. You like it, go with me. Remember to bathing, fasting from today. Absolutely not sleep with his wife, did not heed the holy things, I was where I’m not responsible!
I smile:
– I’ve done where holy objects rather pay out the festival on business security, new grandchildren now. Tonight, clean wash is done alone, without his wife rolled beef cattle animal wild new grandchildren.
He rolled his eyes:
Eh, not that kind of dog meat and nodded – yes well offend jive! The Buddha, the saint I was joking with him I do not have! He did not go then, I did not squeeze.
I quickly scruffy laugh make peace:
Tools Behold! Specifically hot back then! So I said, It is that! Tonight, I will sleep with uncle to uncle to the true peace of mind. OK!
Thick coated or covered footwear? I brought that question asked during the trip. He said: In general, the covered call or covered shoes are both. There are legends that call is covered by the Government is on a higher ground as the cake circle so called government Thick Thick. But legend also told Mother Lieu Hanh jaunt through the shoes down here fail this site. Hence the name of Phu Shoes. Thick magical or mystical goat gi, the same shoes. Read has been anything false? but we basically peasants handed down orally. Those who work to books as he should do, the thick thick nor affect world peace.
About five o’clock in the afternoon. They did begin exodus. We are not under the Highway 21 goes down to “Ocean chief director” Azimuth cut along the foothills of the Iron River underground, An Thai mountains, glaciers go to close. Qingming, rainy sky sprinkle lightly. Although there is no sun but still filled with positive quarter-gas attacks. Phắc quiet river winding his way up as flowing silk scarves on sale of a shoulder blanket that period’s top national trend prone to. Through all the way dikes could see negative population areas appear blurred front shoes in front. Today teachers do in temple incense and yet obvious eh uncle. Huh? My uncle seemed slightly startled. This serene scene, offender’s place of current mind spiritual adventure travel probably is understandable. As the evil man, his voice suddenly as possessed, promising recovery from faraway place: Kia is covered Van Cat – that place is legendary area where the Christmas Fairy – Princess of the Jade Emperor father accidentally broken cup should be deduction ceiling came down, the Le Thai Cong reincarnated. Year 18 took Dao Tien Lang Christmas, birth to a rich kid, her moves. His 21 years of age. Minister Van Cat Tien’s where God descended after birth. God is first suspected the galaxy form Lieu Hanh. Prices in government today virtually Council. He gave us the right to collect incense almost glossy. And the other is The Big Temple, Temple King, Minister Ms. Empty Minister Ba Tien Huong pagoda is coming through. As in most of the ball, and when he inflicted on nature, fun but not blooper nonsense. Now get out of obsequious style flatters, adulation. But his boss you love to loathe it. If not for the responsibility he rebuked me without reservation.
At his request, I parked in front of government house located near Highway cottage nestled under the ancient canopy U President. Council government built four buildings thiềm type coincides with 18 spaces, plaster lions flanking the upper cylinder, stem with flowers, dragon, unicorn, phoenix. In front, a lake, no brief suggestive sheer looks charming, elegant. My uncle said his church council Ta Phu Loi Cong. His former generals Ding Lei King Ly Nam De Street pro defeat the salary. Second day of the festival, he won the match, in the past who Thick and military stopped a party longing. Later, the villagers built the temple’s religious tutelary Contemporary Landscape.
Not entered in the government but to bow bow-known writer, drums flanking puree blended in the aroma of incense and meditate u scenery, solitude pushed it quickly into a state of nothingness legendary spirit. Apparently, the price of copper began. I tried to enlist more knowledge of my uncle – a monk from the government for the first time was crestfallen by the sighted an open exchange constraints. He laughed: You look at a few stories of love shoes too obvious incense Government should also make him want you? Hey, eat where the living is not easy? Following apartment destiny, fate was to add even more, rather, people who have done him all game. For a copper price as today, should also elaborate where funnily enough no play. Copper is the ritual of the holy souls enter into mortal bodies. He informed through his spiritual, psychic defense incense. In his appreciation, the current re saint spirituality travel status, and said communication resource and fortune bestow to you the disciples. First, grandparents copper, almost rising, her shadow, shadow he had fasted all week to half a month ago. Then, almost in a major organization in the party form. Now almost always have to choose now sacred and high-handed by teacher assessment. When most, not light, using only two small candles in front altar. There are two types most: Most open chronic problems and most magnificent. Most fast laminated finish alongside the holy Christmas to go always. And almost opened the Bible will direct scarf peacock disciples heard called, directly generating wealth. Today is the opening price towel ..
They did offer to enter in. Turns out, this was in order froze. On the left is the altar Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. Incense is placed before the council committee Tu Phu steaming incense. Virtual pond shimmer, blurred from several candles. exclusive air suspension damage. I like to touch the ancient Shrine place. German offer document as lions usually are initiated on track fairyland. On the altar, put a rather large mirror, surrounded by lots of flowers: Flowers gladiolus, white roses, red roses, peony, lily … Thanh copper incense players wearing yellow interference. On hand of burning candles are dancing. The two sides, offering transport almost four pillars y bar, silk hand fan busy making preparations. Her shadow, his shadow is a dual male and female stars dressing style three white women. My uncle said, Phu Dong’s work embodies the spirit of our people solidarity clearest. Two bow outside the Second Vatican Tam worship third form (Church St. Lieu Hanh and two Thuong Ngan, Peace Palace). Then worship the Jade Emperor, Nam Cao, North Star and the nervous system located in Tu Phu. In the provision prohibits is the statue of Ta Lei Gong tutelary. Therefore, the new government called the council – here, the common meaning of that he meant the same. Council means that all the saints dwell together in one house to bless the government for the maintenance of peace prosperous villagers.
He sat down in front suddenly copper incense, ethereal countenance, who constantly shaking, his hands were three islands is the power spiraling incense burning. Shadow government he hastily red scarf on the head teacher. Lim flanking absorbent tune is slowly absorbed into place soulful take us into spiritual adventure would become more clarion: “Down the Pink Book wing earthly textures i..i … coming off …. Before the red earth Broadcasting … ”
My uncle sat beside whispers: He gave us begin to escape from the earth, psychedelic at the Shrine domain vows to inflict on his holy invitation. This ceremony is called Putian holidays. After the present government, I will beckoned to supply documents, the most offered, her ball, the ball does he know you’re dealt. Then, offer documents will sing songs of your text that adoration. Also, extra copper also helps him rather quickly right outfit just struck saint ….

He opened the towel flanking copper. On the other, government mandarins Paintings Week has come. Y bar, turbans, martial for the agency “Media availability of objective, useful description vo..i..i documents transmitted ..Quan uniform two hang..i..i” “Ants office Interest flanking First Week Five Paintings … Gone assiduous unwholesome psychic mind …. he should gamble continental generals …. “Notice I said Quan Tranh week’s big naval minister of King Hung. When he goods, often epiphany help floating on the river. In addition, people also called him the Fifth …
That night, with the children of other practitioners, I also saw many of the Hoang Seven, Huang Bo. The dialogue, she Six Continent Supply, Ms. Chin, Miss October, her baby … see the view, Mr. Huang, God, The girls, guys are giving me a familiar feeling, intimacy, something that I could not explain … Something very personal, something very proud rise from the soul, in aggregate, in the depths of his mind …
Turns out, emotions erupting inside me through the main source from the fervent adoration wording roots deep ethnic identity praised the homeland, praising the form Career guests, royal officials, the aunt, the boy born on this country before canonization. Information from the comfort of their spiritual behavior on the sites of the familiar beloved countryside of his country and not somewhere else far away. Obsessive feeling is inexplicable that is the desire, aspire to live in a world of pure spirit. World national spirit that characterized the national drug. The world was only for Vietnam, creed Vietnam. Perhaps his hunger, not only in my own which are hidden deep in the subconscious of Vietnam from thousands of centuries. It was that desire that made the bloody cult of his father led the northern domination millennium okay cultural assimilation of ethnic Vietnamese. Belief that coexist well with these exotic beliefs … It was well away, blurry blurred by the foreign religion was tamed and became the value in the spiritual life of the Vietnamese people as virtue Jesus, Buddha and Lao-tzu, Confucius.
Assembly Government opening ceremony samples from new moon to the tenth. Since work so I can not go with uncle arranged during the festival is. On return to the office, he said, after the government Week takes place during the week, if Saturday is arranged on the go with me – he bat burning hand press – comb is an open government, education st two rustic procession statue St. Mong three anniversaries in Tien Huong government, the fourth anniversary of Minister Van Cat. st year Holy Communion to Van Pagoda, Tien Son Mong six processions down myself. Seventh, eight, nine are part of the association. Nicholas form only the fifth day of the six most beautiful moons. August anniversary of father, mother March anniversary. Try spinach six to go with me cry bless Marian annual maintenance of peaceful prosperity. For Vietnamese people themselves, that anniversary is always important, especially strong wind, anniversaries form. That you see, this year the state has decided to stay completely in the tenth anniversary in March is! I think that is so even point.
Morning of six, my uncle saw into the crowded courtyard. Well, to wrap small flexibility of the glass cover, the other pocket another pocket. Old, young, boys have, girls have. Rich, poor, to have, mean there but all have one common thing, a kind of equality that is considered irrespective Marian was my spiritual mother. Their countenance definition imbue sacred, solemn. There is a sense, they are almost the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. My uncle still wore her clothes three brown and brown wool hat well as day he took me to go see virtually the ball, but today he looked refreshed flexibility. His appointment to the government because the people at large associations should be meeting at the government outside, then on Form ceremony.
I completely lost track of the group on the way to the Palace. Unable wool leg, could not orient myself, I let her drift slowly falls on people in government. I finally found the delegation when they are going to prepare for the feast of St. ban. I told him: base and then, pay for holidays on me, I see a little beyond. My uncle nodded commanded to follow: go where they go. About an hour back here without seeing the car appointment that sent offline.
I walk around a little, then form the procession arrived. Two dragons playing in the field glider run government. In particular, there is a tree associated with clouds. These small quilts sharp leaves drooping, soft boom has to be respected as real strength brave. The procession split into two. Take the side door as the mother of her squad a few dozen people carrying sticks flower. The long stick about four to six meters are decorated with the colors of all kinds wire. The top of the flower sticks are fringed epaulettes. I asked an old man standing watch beside him and said: That’s called Hoa Truong. The custom originates from the non-Ngoc Dai she Status is also planning government had asked God to free wife Zheng services to the people through the people avoid calamity. When people on Thanksgiving, she told the Thai pilot should give thanks to the Holy Mother of Lieu Hanh. To replace the instrument which has been spared the epidemic to bring wife to thank Marian, flower sticks were used as notes are found there.
After the flower sticks go into government delegations. Side door, began to form the procession. At the forefront is the religious man river brown coat, hands clutching a rosary economic concept. Then came procession of brightly Form Lieu Hanh brilliant red. Exemplary Model Thuong Ngan II was so blue. Delegation form prospectus procession y Third – Form Peace – Samples of water governance. Procession went, everyone tries to throw the odd coin procession to take rejection. Interspersed with the procession were the Slovak parliamentary, the peacock disciples, wearing scarf seated adoration. A group of mothers she adoration coat on hand towels are the balloons Colorful dragon winding aerial silk flag bearing the pennant on solemn these words: “prosperous country”, “Sample Nghi Thien Lower “viva Holy Palace”. After the procession into government, I wander around the interior. There is an ongoing group rowing lake right in front of the main government:
“Deep River boat full of water.
My mother went Buddhist ceremony for the peace bridge
She ferryman Oh! She became my mother
Dig up that river, i through the river bank and river bottom
She ferryman Oh she became my mother went back down. My mother needs peace Sample Mass for both home …. ”
I still go, Russian Dating drilling, Dating push smoother then switched to the betel twisted tune mingled dearly. The original melody Hong peanut roots there. Hon ethnic Vietnamese cultural reinforcement that! German rowing resonates drilling picked from where chasms. The garish green red ball carrying red flags pennant subject line “Sample Nghi Thien Ha” “prosperous country” “Holy Palace viva”, “Thien Ha Pacific” spiraling pure flying in the sky the weather in March …. soul I’ll return veteran pros, Mother Au Co and Lac Long Quan father fifty children in the woods, into the sea. Saint Tan Vien Son because his father had put up with giddy mother. Au herself has forged, reformatories so wonderful qualities of the immortal saint. Mother Au Co to wrap hundred eggs, bloody belief in ancient Vietnamese people against assimilation policies during the thousand years of its northern neighbor to form Lieu Hanh, one of four quarter-immortal saint, suddenly, in alcohol I suddenly thought: Was it perhaps mystical transformation of the country, to integrate without the need to evoke dissolved, needs a spiritual fulcrum root Vietnam such as samples of spiritual worship?

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