The interesting tourist destination for families near Hanoi


Dong Mo is near from Hanoi about 40 km west, is located in the Cultural Village tour of Vietnam and the nation is the beginning of tourist complex Shanxi – Ba Vi, eco-tourism center opens considered Hanoi attractions ideal for your family. It meets three factors for family relaxation: Nature fresh, with many entertainment and cuisine.
From Dong Mo, you can visit the Old City of Shanxi, temples and pagodas and the resort Cane Suoi Hai, K9 and temple visits Uncle at Ba Vi, then back to the resort to enjoy dishes ngondac production, use steam service, relaxing massage.

Island Phoenix area with the green forest canopy is suitable locations for outdoor recreational activities of children. Fishing, catching, peach shoots … are also children’s activities are extremely preferred to come here. This is where little ecological zone that has been and are increasingly becoming tourist destinations Cheap Hanoi travelers preferred to serve their children. This location is very suitable for families looking for a tourist destination near Hanoi in 1 day.

Tam Island Tourism

About 80km from the capital, the Tam Dao resort close to Hanoi with spectacular mountain scenery, covers an area of ​​vast northern plains. Many tourists choose a short day tours lichHa Cabinet came here to enjoy the cool climate, romantic atmosphere. Here the average temperature is 18-25 degrees Celsius, Tam Island is an ideal place for the apparent rotation of four seasons in one day: Morning se se spring breeze, warm summer noon, afternoon Family clear autumn autumn, cold night of winter.

This truly is a resort, tourist near Hanoi cheap and ideal for your family after days of work, school stress. TV Tower, Temple Princess Thuong Ngan, Bac waterfall, golf, old church of Tam Dao … are the places to visit not to be missed when on Tam Dao. About food, do not forget to taste the flame of green chayote is grown immensely popular here.

Tam Dao one tourist destination near Hanoi attractive streets winding up and down the many bends and sleeves are very attractive to those who want to experience the feeling of traveling by motorcycle.

The road to Ba Vi National Park one of the most beautiful streets of Hanoi tourist attraction

53 km from Hanoi, Ba Vi’s famous green space, clean, place to contain the pristine beauty and fascinating ideal for picnics of your family. This is also the ideal place for tour Hanoi shortly. Go to Ba Vi National Park, you can unleash explore, rest with the resort has been investing and renovating more and more spacious, with many interesting tours are well organized.

Tourism Dai Lai

The center of Vinh Yen city about 25km, Dai Lai lake romantic, peaceful place khachdu calendar can be walking, sightseeing, cruising the water, cool, fishing, hiking, forest. Dai Lai attractive resort with beautiful natural scenery, good service. Here, you can also visit the village San Diu, heard her sing Soong, enjoy ethnic cuisine or visit the Bat Cave, a walk in the pine forests … Verily those who do not have many times, want to choose a tourist destination near Hanoi, this is an excellent suggestion.

Those who like mountaineering can organize pilgrimage up north, running through the forest to the pass Nhe Taiyuan land or opening presents turns into mountain, or explore the castle traces ancient palaces of the Nguyen Danh Phuong District travelers currently in Hanoi favorite. Also available extended tours to visit like: Discover Dai Lai lake with sailboats and yachts; visit the Bat Cave area, skylights, excursion mountains Dai Lai; learn, explore rural life and local culture …
Families with young children do not need to worry because there is a lot of games appealing to children as slide grass, skateboarding, fishing, canoeing. Dai Lai has many beautiful hotels and resorts

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