The Mach Lung Temple’s Festival – Seeking the colorful of Hanoi


I usually make the trip to find on the national cultural identity through the beauty of the old town and taciturn events folk festivals. Over time the journey to visit the capital remains an ideal choice for those who love to come back to my roots, particularly through the unique traditional festival in this region. One of the unique traditional festival with interesting names – Mach Lung Temple Festival is also a cultural beauty was Hanoians preserve and conserve until today.

Lung Temple Festival Circuit Hanoi which share of the travel experience Hanoi, if the opportunity arrived in the capital in the range of 10 to 12 months 02 day lunar calendar, they should not miss the opportunity to visit see Circuit Festival Lung Temple. Circuit Temple Lung is a significant historical Dai Mach Commune, Dong Anh district; place of worship three national heroes 18th Hung King – the title Ming Mo Dai Vuong Mental superiority and is also considered the village deity.

The festival takes place extremely lively and solemn during 3 days, this is the time for the union representing local governments, agencies, teams and families living locally turns together converged set the temple to offer incense and the same types of items to the village deity. It is considered as an opportunity for people who are expressing gratitude, honor and merit of ethnic heroes often help people save water epiphany, protect prosperous life for the people. In those days, everything’s great families, such as weddings, house construction and other party events have been postponed to focus on the village deity worship. Part celebration is always done with all the traditional rituals as male health, women’s health, high, processions. Joint Assembly is always exciting and attract villagers and tourists alike with many activities such as cockfighting, Chinese chess, blindfolded beating pots, sing quan ho … All travel agents when guiding delegations to Hanoi will have a brief introduction to cultural beauty through traditional festivals. And certainly can not ignore the name Temple Festival Circuit Lung – an event meant tremendous spirit to the people here.

Circuit Lung Temple (also called Lung previous page) is seated on the high mound on 30,000m2 wide hamlet Circuit Lung Dai Mach, Dong Anh District, Hanoi – the ancient land slopes strip Red River history thousands of years. Shrine of the Gods has a water retention time of King Hung.

Through the change of history, temple remains beauties of ancient ruins. On preserving architectural features of artistic motifs of XVII-XVIII centuries. Show temple retains valuable artifacts like books made by Chinese gods and deified color, which color earliest date Tu Duc 6 (1853), the latest possible date identity Khai Dinh 9 (1924) and 3 the dragon throne, plaque worship and the TK19 artwork. With its historical value, architectural, temple Lung Circuit is the ministry and the Ministry of Culture today historical ratings in 1993.

Le Huu Doan, head of the festival BTC said: Every year, the Danish Lung village festival on the lunar day and lasted 10/2 till 13/2. To pay homage to ancestors born into and grateful generations ago, during the 3-day festival, the union representing the production teams, group peers, crowded ranks, fellow … and the Family respectively brought up family celebration Temple incense. Le Huu Chien – presided this year also said: The family has done very well may rise to 5 large platter with a pig’s head, flung, chicken, betel nuts, bread crumb … and the poorest families also expressed sincerity to drive away, frozen meat. All the university is in the family like hospitality, joy, housing … must stop to focus on the Holy day.

Since the Department of Culture Lung Temple Circuit certified as historic in 1993, the villagers celebrated the processions usually 5 years. This year, the festival welcomed over smaller but also thousands of tourists to visit.

Along with traditional rituals as male health, women’s health, high, processions, festivals Circuit Lung village has many folklore activities such as cockfighting, Chinese chess, blindfolded beating pots, sing quan … attracted residents and tourists to participate.

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