The next three days (2008) – Please kissed the man’s faith


This is a French film and a US film they remade by British filmmaker. But the story is beautiful when it was forced to act out of love. Love even for a moment when he left his mark but hardly fade, passionate and choked heart.

Love put into the heart of France is always beautiful, because the French are those who fly suddenly more romantic, who spent his life immersed himself in reverie missed.

Love them may be all ideal life is all expect and desire. So when people wounded were forced into a horizontal landscape left, the man in prison movie to take the chance to rob loving pat. Pirates hell because love is not rare, but the quality of the French romantic embellishment to the story rob underworld thrilling open space that makes the audience passionate play with.

By the law powerless to speak the truth, people are forced to flee the law to seek justice for themselves. Love, when people spend trust each other, can never be bound, whether it is network power pervading all firearms of public bodies. I believe, with faith, we can overthrow the prison to find each other. By all possible, with all the recklessness to startled, whether to destroy themselves to engage.

Pour elle romance used to fight against the rigidity of the law, and was used for consistency despite all the evidence pointing to a belief iron lip. Put love into the heart prison with invisible divide the supreme test of turn, where people can lose each other in the eyes helplessly let her wait timer oblong slid away …

So with the sun illuminating the scene yellow white houses a faraway place remains faint expectation – in the fear of escape from the agony was over. Pour elle Bluebird small hope glimmer on the horizon, beginning in vain to end the hopelessness has free language project.

The stretch film full of drama with the music surge impulses alternating between falling silent sad eyes blazing in her husband (Vincent Lindon) brought the story of suffocation when people decide to dispose of the trade-offs love, to love and be loved freedom. And therefore, Pour elle (English name is Anything for Her) deserves to be loved, as during Germany’s Diane Kruger who deserves to be admired by the haughty beauty of sad eyes.

Remake The Next Three Days of America was built near the original, except for the height to be pushed more dramatic, more exciting, when considered still tinged with a love full of violent impulses in his eyes filling with men actor Russell Crowe. Just the nature of American romantic feeling more pragmatic to dress less “poetic” Pour elle more, so instead is little concern for truth story buried for the future disappeared into infinite play with . What better movie just by enjoying popular feeling while watching or indulge in negative balance remains alone.

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