The Theory of Everything – Love does not need theory


The Theory of Everything is a biopic but poetic cinema of Britain in 2014, the story of genius cosmologist Stephen Hawking syndrome, motor neuron atrophy (Lou Gehrig). Incidentally, the film goes into the audience than a biographical story, but the paintings on love loving unmatchable among cosmologists and his beloved wife, Jane Wilde …

The most beautiful thing that The Theory of eveything evocation is how Stephen Hawking and his wife love each other. Their love story is a sincere commitment, full of dreamers, but also full of reality to gently closed her reverie. It can be said, how they love each other two sympathetic strings kind, not passionate, not dumb, but totally is the sharing, share the same tone and also share both the metronome in transient xao emotions – things people can not control should always fluctuate a little from that belief.

These amazing pictures in a deserted village board with lightly falling melody is very meager composition gave the audience into space but not infatuation love concise. The two people that far apart in middle-aged middle because they fully understand and respect each other enough, so it was enough to let go for several days because of extensive thought long months …

Love is beautiful not by silver dragon teeth, but beautiful in the sincerity when they have spent together both young romantic flower. So when youth access to, lovers looking for a peaceful place to stand together, gentle but also decisively to miss each other. Because, Love, not-really-is-always-always-hold …

British actor Eddie Redmayne won the Oscar for his role as cosmologist Stephen Hawking is completely worth the incarnation ingenious image stretching from the young man until the old man. Starring completely mastered the psychological transformation of character with expensive price point fall in his eyes dropping on unsteady. Meanwhile actress Felicity Jones had been acting emotionally wife ingratiate viewers. So, go ahead, but do not indulge in the authentic poetic calm Antenna felt director James Marsh

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