The wild and beautiful beaches in Vietnam



Phu Quoc is the largest island of Vietnam tourism, Kien Giang Province. Has long been a popular place for tourists at home and abroad by the wild and stunning nature. Phu Quoc is not only beautiful beaches, but also blocks of primary forest with diverse flora and fauna, abundance. In the southwest of the island has more than 10 large and small islands of different areas, one of which must include Long Beach – a beach clean, beautiful and still wild.
Here, guests will find themselves out front boundless space, vast strange. Beauty and humans as intertwined bring feeling relaxed, calm, guests will forget how tired, and worries of everyday life.
Travel Phu Quoc that ignore the occasion to visit the Long Beach tourism regrettably, because Long Beach is a beautiful beach, many tourists are known, is one of the 13 beaches was voted most beautiful world.

In the summer from May to October most of the beach in Phu Quoc are very big waves, only Bai Sao beach is quieter, wind calm, with clear blue water cool emerald will bring moments of letter relaxing, peaceful.
Sao beach with sand crescent is limited by rocks jutting into the sea, is the ideal accommodation for guests who wish to have healthy skin. You just swaying hammock, reading each page and enjoy the breeze from the sea very calm. Bai Sao is sure to please even the most discerning travelers.


Remind everyone to Con Dao prison thinking of political image of the war, which was once a “hell on earth” notoriously cruel. Song to Con Dao today outside the historic sites, visitors will encounter a beautiful Con Dao: fresh ocean climate, pleasant, pristine beaches, clear blue water, colorful coral reefs color, primeval forests mixed with coconut trees … poetic. What a paradise to explore.
Guests can lounge on white sand relaxing, playing on the waves, go probes small islands, picnic in the woods and it’s interesting if you can see the animals you like green sea turtle, dolphin or “mermaid” Dugong are swimming in blue water.
Travel Con Dao, you can hike to feel deeply about the heroic past of the nation has tragic world and explore the ocean with colorful coral reefs and above all to escape from the noisy life urban places to look for a moment of peace where the island.


Cham Island is a tourist destination with year-round cool climate, rich flora and fauna, especially marine resources and resource bird nests, where you unleash playing on the waves, explore colorful coral reefs in the sea and enjoy seafood and regional specialties of this land.
Tourists to Cham island will experience moments of relaxation, floating in the river where the water, the nice friendly people here that any traveler would love to be back.
Together with local fishermen for fishing or diving is one of the interesting things that visiting Cham felt. Enjoy a relaxing moment but to feel a good space and the blue sea that nature has bestowed.


Between heaven immense sea, islands Co as walls between the sea Languages ​​Project Northeast. Take the train to a remote Coto travelers have recognized Ho Chi Minh statue striking blue sky, behind the house is freshly mixed blue tile color of the sea, the forest trees. Co glowed like a pearl island at sea, a promised land and become a solid fortress to defend its sovereignty sacred island of the country.
Unlike the crowded scene, bustling common in some other beaches, beach Coto very spacious and sparse so comfortable space and freedom. Immerse yourself in the cool sea waters or sit and watch the long sandy beach with the tandem breaker ashore will be those moments of relaxation, comfort that guests have been arriving with Coto.
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The south of the big island is rocky Coto Mỵ Bridge, the rocks is evident as soon as the tourists arrived with many different colors as a vivid picture of the tectonic processes of nature. This is the place to be, Hai Chau Co assessment is the most spectacular scenery of the island.
Wandering the streets for shade, headline casuarinas, watching the majestic beauty of the archipelago from a high point Lighthouse or directly involved in fishing activities for … is that visitors will have the opportunity experience in this hospitable island.


The center of the coastal city of Nha Trang 49 km along Highway North, Doc Let like being awakened one available natural potential and is becoming an ideal accommodation and interesting cruise, great resort great beachfront Vietnam style.
Natural landscape on the shore of the sea in front of Doc Let are attractive for tourists. To get to Doc Let visitors must pass large sand dunes, in return then you’ll be setting foot on fine white sand, flat glass run nearly 10km long coastal sea blue, pure and waves welcome pat whispering sea.
Doc Let is one tour indispensable to Khanh Hoa, where attractions of Ninh Hoa oil. All year round where waves often quiet, calm sea, the beach features not deep, the safety zone extends 100 meters out to sea near the sea in to see the bottom.

In the air hot, sultry summer, the trip to the sea as a reward for the spirit. Please backpack up and accompany Mytour to enjoy colorful life offline.

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