Dalat cuisine makes people fascinated


In the cold of the “mountain city” Dalat, nothing better than enjoying the hot dishes, Let’s you could sit together and review your interesting experience to Dalat country.

1. Cake baked

This is a dish that visitors hardly resist in a chilly evening wandering vast pine land, the supply side of the romantic road. Soap in a corner shop, sniffing fragrant smell spread in space, feel beautiful Dalat.
Baked roll with main ingredients are eggs, rice paper and dried shrimp. In each shop there for flavor variations, can add personality types as quail eggs, sausage, dried beef, cheese and baked in the kitchen taking bright pink. Fold the cake again, slowly enjoy, feel the taste of cake gradually run down veins. You can enjoy the cakes in Dalat market, fork Hoang Dieu – Tran Nhat Duat.

2. dirt cake

Dirt cake dish is popular in many lands, but each place will have a particular variation. Dalat dirt cake attractive by personal taste. Unlike elsewhere dirt cake is made entirely of rice powder, pine land dirt cake is mixed with a little rice flour cake filters so that color transparent, tough and not sticky. When you eat, you will feel soft, not too soft and not too hard.

Delicious dirt cake depends on the sauce is mixed in style, made from shrimp, minced meat, add a bit of fried pork skin and sweet and sour sauce.

3. Bread soup

In the cool climate of Dalat, enjoy bread soup bowl steaming felt warm. In Da Lat has many tasty bread soup shop but known eateries on the residential street.

Bread soup bowl with silky soft white bread patties dotted with golden and shining little chopped green onion. When you eat a little more lemon, peppers, sweet fragrant smell of bread, rolls and pungency of peppers, eat very attractive.

4. Nem grilled


To make dishes baked rolls also true feat. Meat is meat to the hot rolls with garlic puree, sugar, seasoning salt, fish sauce, then roll them into balls then surrounded by bamboo sticks for baking.
Coal pink flowers are real fans, put the rolls on grill skewers, hear hiss of lard melting down, the aroma spread around, the outside of the yellow rolls are cooked. Nem Dalat eat the cake, salad, banana, star fruit … and put soy sauce is prepared separately.
Sauce here was prepared from pig bone extract juice security techniques, like seeds and grind, puree and beat two mixed together, then spicy, sauce, seasoning salt to taste, add the roasted sesame make sweet and fatty.

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