Thiên Cấm Sơn ( Great Mountain) – BIG BUDDHA TEMPLE IN THE MOUNTAIN


Cấm mountain (Thien Cam Son) is the official name by writing first appeared in the book “Dai Nam Nhat Thong” (The unified of Great Dai Nam) in the late 19th century Before that, the mountain known as Mountain of Đoài (Gia Dinh Thanh informed press, compiled early nineteenth century).

In that book there are references Câm Mountain is described that: “… the world towering mountains, lush vegetation, is one of the Seven Mountains. Because so few people high mountain up to the last “. Seven Mountains, the title may also appear in work of “Great evidence first.

We have no other evidence to determine exactly from ever people new land altogether South qui many mountains in this area in the figure seven, as well as provided all the estuaries of the tributaries of the Mekong Kong empties into the sea at number nine: the Mekong. But things can get out is that river, that was a sacred mountain of: a cultural realities that have shaped, covering up natural reality … And then, while history does not stop fostering more numerous Events make memories length linking the past with the present.

1. Back Early settlers, in 1757, Nguyen Cu Trinh – the head of the average new land south of set up 3 basis points to reach critical watershed language project and the Tien Hau river: direct Chau Doc , religion and religion Binzhou East Export (Sa Dec). It is called “administrative”, also for migrants, the region called “Chau Doc Xinjiang”, “Binzhou evil place” … by the time this is hydrocephalus lands, annual floodwaters from Lake poured. Moors full of snakes and rats, very jungle tiger, snakes and gangly river bottom. On the other hand, this is also a place where soldiers fire, unstable as Dong Nai – Gia Dinh, is not a land of … “Xian” as the latter, not Thoai Ngoc Hau canal connecting tearing through Rach Gia (Business Dialogue Ha), past East Lake, Ha Tien (Vinh Te) …

When the exploration results at much the French invasion. Three eastern provinces, and the three western provinces respectively instead of surrender. The anti-French uprising under the banner of patriotism of scholars turn extinguished. Best feature of the last years of the nineteenth century early twentieth century was defeated insurgents, farmers losing land and social structure of traditional office facing enormous challenges of change.

Indeed tragic history indignation that time, under the gaze of the Buddha transforming lives … is the kind of dark fruit, or from the standpoint of Grapes turn direction service, then certainly it is the downstream (lower integer). The dogmas of sects Buu Son Ky Huong prophecy is proclaimed from the Buddha he has fulfilled Xi’an … Label money, should itself become fashionable trend of the times of all light paths are deadlocked.

2. Cam Mountain is nicknamed the “God of Cam Son” by floral scenery, beautiful trees like strip of sky clouded. This is a rhetorical naming under chemical poetic vision of the literati and although that’s also been agreed, but the name is still popular Shut mountain, known as “zones prohibit loitering”, with many of Natural thinking different solutions: either push on the war Tay Son – Nguyen Anh or French colonial rule. But it can easily recognize the call Forbidden Mountain is rooted traditional mindset of identifying the holy mountain is considered sacred axis of the community center, is Cam Son / Nui Cam. This is a common practice for a long time but Nghia Linh Mountain (where the Hung Kings Temple) Matt lands Phu Tho Fatherland is an example. Three peaks sacred mountain called Prohibition: Tam Son box.

Here, at least until the second half of the nineteenth century, Seven Mountains were Buu Son Ky worshipers reverentially called Buu Huong Son. Accordingly, the Forbidden Mountain, the highest mountain in the Son, is convinced that Maitreya locations open Longhua Union, the final judgment, the downstream end / degenerate life and opened new upstream life happiness and peace. Signs indicated that by that time, from Treasure Mountain (Buu paint) will emit scents outstanding (United incense).

Naturally, as the author notes Gia Dinh Thanh Thong Chi, the Alpine 50 staff, 20-mile perimeter balance (real measurements: height 705m), “apparently high withdrawal stations, are automatically in supply Dragon Snake so called Alpine mountain Dai Ton … suddenly, reproductive frankincense species, the pace incense, animal sa, star tree, sandalwood, through bamboo. Lush trees with crooked path through the gorge, sign passersby, near field, far from water dock, men plowing, fishermen divide each class at the feet of the mountain. ” The quote above shows the appearance and taste of the sacred mountains. The afterlife has it that the mountain has springs Thanh Long straddle the Cinnamon Tree electricity. Phone no cinnamon which is named so because there are always deep and subtle scent in the wind. It is suspected that there is incense in mountain but nobody luck stone, blasting to look for to do so is to cut the energy of the stream Dragon Forbidden Mountain.

Again, in the quote above, we know the path twisted “information into deep mountain”, but did not say important characteristics of the Forbidden Mountain is the stone mallet: Gods maul, maul Bo Hong, his wife Butterflies, mallet First, mallet Thien Tue … It’s sacred places of worship gods and the place of his hermitage Religion religious enlightenment, whereabouts secret and magical medicine. He kicks a typical period multiplied.

Again, this mountain is convinced that pure realm of the Buddha attained spiritual level, Korea, Spirit, Holy, so even tigers also eat fruits, do not kill, do not eat people. Ham-eating species must look elsewhere, like Ba Team Om, to reside.

In short, the Forbidden Mountain is partly because the characteristics and its natural position and partly because these are conditions and consequences of history should have become base-mecca of the heavy-hearted with the director’s term with life, the painful period of ethnicity.

3. An Giang French colonialists occupied the date 22-6-1867. The stand out boldly stated manifesto:

Germany is trying to manage Tran Van Thanh – a martial arts and is also a high opinion of the Buddha Master Xian (the founder of the religion Buu Son Ky Huong). Pursuant Linh Lang (Seven Ladies) by Tran Van Thanh, who was a neighbor of Buu Son Ky Huong religion and military forces under the banner of his means many are followers of religious sects at this – that a relationship with a Community network of the other co-director: Thoi Son, Hung Nhon (Tinh Bien), canola (Chau Phu), Tra Bang (Rach), Tan Thanh (Dong Thap) …

The doctrines of this community based on an eschatological expectation that the Council is about to open in Long Hoa Cam Mountain, now in fact the Union is on the country Longhua South win independent sovereignty, new life is born upstream peaceful country, prosperity. These are two sides of-the strengthening of faith, believers promote the messianic religious movement rose up against French enthusiasm and burning hearts until later despite enemy shoves all the uprising in blood, destroy all villages, scattered believers out of the villages to be “catholicity” and constantly spread a secret track, arrest people they suspected of having ties with the hermit in the “seven mountains early years”, especially after two uprisings invaded Saigon Check Lon 1913 and 1916.

4. According to the article, “Duc Trung Ton Forbidden Mountain (Chau Doc) of all the victims of the rain sun exposure,” the newspaper Compassion Sound (No. 92, Oct. 15, 1935), the Big Buddha temple built by Mr. Seven Due: “Originally erstwhile, an estimated three or four decades, there was a religious monk on, called Seven Thus, to take a drug that took away the scenery is magnificent tile. In his temples, he remains an engagement on a very large cement Buddha, kept shouting, “Duc Trung Ton”, height is a size eight west, sitting cross-legged on the table as well with cement and over two meters high. Temple finished, he has taken seven Due Back in prison, died in prison next … “.

Mr. Bay Do, whose real name is Cao Van Long, born in Ben Tre. He was one of the leaders of the revolt captured Saigon in 1916. Visit Big Earlier, he used to come to South America most provinces and to build temples Forbidden Mountain in 1912, took it as headquarters for the secret society Heaven and Earth Assembly. He was arrested on 17-3-1917 enemy (According G.Coulet: Les societes secretes en terre d’Annam. S, Ardrin, 1926). Scare the enemy soldiers scoured Forbidden Mountain and Big Buddha temple had found no proof of anything, besides a large number of dishes. We rely on the tangle of utensils to impute that he did state the …

Big Buddha Temple, after Seven Do’s sleep was caught, be desolate. Very spiritual people take plants leaves camp to temporarily cover the sun rain Buddha statue by them several times for permission build the camp, the authorities of that time also refused to accept. Until 1914, Mr. Tran Van Lau (former village of An Khanh Huong management, total Hoa Quoi An Hoa District, My Tho province) to see the scenery mountain ruins Prohibition came to Linh Son Pagoda (Saigon) by Stork mi Got (Second Vice Chairman South America Society for Buddhist Studies) also asked permission Big Buddha temple reconstruction. Stork mi Got count on every licensed nor do the temple should last, he said he Floor unloading camp, take dose one am thatch. And a provincial agency accusers. Secret spy closely into consideration and then Forbidden Mountain in Chau Doc province demanding owner Mr Lau to questioning. Owner Chau Doc province had sent official letters to unload Stork mi Got the new am taken immediately. But Stork mi Got answer mail that: According to the custom of Annam, not to Buddha sitting in the sun the rain, sun exposure like … Owner Chau Doc province Stork mi forced to send letters Got to “moisture associated”. This time Stork mi Got the answer: “What am distilled missed it, he was afraid Buddhism should not dare unloading guilty!”. Through his cross which ones am not dismantled, sheltered Big Buddha still far.

5. Big Buddha Temple, considered mainly according to the comparison with the size Buddha statues in temples here that time. Now, the Buddha statue is 1.8 m high, it is not much. Again, the name “Big Buddha” as the outdated, by then it was now a statue of Maitreya Great Dad to 33,6m high. Sized statue reached Vietnam Guinness has overshadowed the real name of the temple and the Big Buddha – a collection of memories and cultural history of a glorious humiliation and of peoples. Where then heard tomorrow, right on the Big Buddha temple land will erect a monastery building scale horizontal and vertical rows did not know Phat Lon Pagoda still withstand the challenges of monumental trend (Colossus) outbreaks are like the “neo Guinness” trendy.

Generally, anyone who did not know everything changes, but always should be a balance between progress and neo-cultural ism. Because a certain type of development would disrupt the spiritual compromise of human habitats, including the natural environment, humanistic environment and especially master-natural history of the community. The historical-cultural of each community is unique relics irreplaceable because they have inspired, made the sacred symbol associated members of the community with them and on the other hand, they are the epitome of cultural change, attitude change of generations with them – that they are vivid proof of local cultural history. Apart from the cultural monuments that artificial natural locations. Overall mountains, rivers, lakes, hills, yards … make up the so-called “village scenery we” and moreover, that the location of the values ​​attached to the invisible, intangible – an overall scattered beliefs include, legends, traditions, written and oral. It embodies a set of cultural diversity and the remnants of the heroic memories of the trauma or ancestral generations. They are always passed to the post tomorrow primitive beliefs about the spirit of resistance and hope.

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