Tram Chim National Park – The balance of the corner of my soul


Let’s You should to try once in your life recede temporarily stifling atmosphere was lively in the city to soak up the natural landscape in a quiet in the middle of the Đong Thap Mươi which extremely large, by the pines Melaleuca untouched green, blue vast rice fields, interspersed gold grain regions throughout the year, but that magical untouched.

The most interesting is, anytime on the dikes, including between fields and tourists to breathe fresh air scent blending local grass; Early morning sunrise and sunset, watching the station drop off white storks glide lever press, hundreds of birds chirping rather call each signal starts a new day & night reunion at the …

Located middle of acres of flooded lowlands of Dong Thap Muoi, Tram Chim Tam Nong natural area 7612 ha, located in five communes of Tan Cong Sinh Phu Duc, Phu Tho, Phu Thanh, Phu Hiep and towns Tram Chim Tam Nong District, Dong Thap Province. After a period of planning, development & expansion, beginning in 1999, it was officially recognized by the government as “Tram Chim National Park”, become great pleasure & pride of the people of Dong Thap.


This area of ​​stunning natural scenery with vast rivers, green mangrove forest vegetation untouched & abundant with over 130 different species. This is a nature conservation area is particularly concerned provincial investment and strict management. Featuring the “six-month dry grass burnt copper, copper white water flooded six months”, but the climate and soil are ideal places suitable natural environment of 55 species of fish, 400 species of zooplankton, the benthic & over 50 species of mammals, amphibians, reptiles … Tram Chim has more than 200 species of birds, representing about 1/4 of birds in Vietnam, including rare species such as the cell 16 works, te golden, old here, plovers ….

Sarus Cranes at Tram Chim National Park. Every country on the season (from August to November the lunar calendar), visitors tour by means of switches trying. With its large size, depending on your requirements, try to glide slowly switch around so that people feel all the beauty that nature has generously bestowed. Highlights more than ever the pure beauty of white lotus, red lotus, white lotus half half rose, lily, paddy sun, power, strabismus, copper spinach … and the animals very close, perched on branches tree or hovered over the water with what is storks, nitrite, herons, mallards, Pile Fabrication …; overlooking the blue waters, the shy, each copper fish tails drop kick up prey station. You do not have to fear because the hot sun at noon, by the financial fair pay practices will give accelerator, each pig waves splashed pale sides of the boat created the “raindrop” tiny Cooling the body and soul refreshed. Far down, you will see tall observatory, built to serve tourists stop to admire the natural climb mysterious.

In particular, every year, from late December to early May (lunar calendar) is the time when cranes fly in Tram Chim residence. At this time, you will see flocks of red-headed crane fly in harmony with other birds to feed, a magical spectacle as infatuated heart. The cranes nearly 2 m high, smooth gray coat, legs & high neck, wings outstretched in flight, deliberate gait, correct. We gathered in the field, serving distressed fly, wings spread rhythmic dance, strike up the cry coo. Witness the magical dance of the noble birds, surely everyone is likely to be drawn to the rhythm of the crane flock mystical landscape in the twilight of sunset …

At the conclusion, you will enjoy the dishes of the South is very interesting, for example: grilled snakehead fish with lotus leaf small trui book, a unique cuisine, with meat and fish by those kind Clean vegetables such as endive copper, vegetables sun, red morning glory …; Vac grill out clearly … enjoy it once, you will feel a delicious, ecstatic and never forget, because it is not a restaurant, bars, hotels always have been.

Therefore surprised than long, Tram Chim has become familiar with the media and international organizations. Had to admit foreign delegations to our country to visit Tram Chim, research.

Coming to Tram Chim National Park in Tam Nong, Dong Thap even once, you will notice from surprise to many other interesting things, when parting must have will carry in his heart filled with nostalgic.

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