Tư Khanh Pagoda


This temple is named by Nom language such as Ca temple or Ve temple, eventhough it called by landmark pagoda of Dong Ngac. It is located in Dong Ngac village, Tu Liem District, Hanoi city which is far from the center about 10km northeast. Temple of Mahayana sects.
It was built in the later Le. Steles recorded the Le Than Tong merits of Nguyen Phuc Ninh Tran Thi Ngoc Luan and have hung huge repair pagoda.
Including gate temple architecture, steeple, square houses with roofs husband salt, the main temple, the Fatherland. The main pagoda-shaped structure Dinh including street 3 2 bottles, roof husband harem matches.
Buddhist shrines are decorated solemn. Temple retained 5 statues were carved elaborately styled century art XVIII – XIX and many ancient worshiping.
Temple was the Ministry of Culture – Information recognized as Historic Monuments – national culture in 1993.

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