Vieng Fair Festival

dnrjhwerfThis is a Fair that be taken place in only once a year,It is known as “sell the risk but buy the lucky” has become the beautiful culture of the Son Nam Ha (Nam Dinh). Missed a fair Vieng is missing an entire year. So from midnight till dawn, Nam Dinh, Thanh Hoa, Ha Nam, Ha Noi, Hai Duong, Quang Ninh, Hai Phong … pour about Vieng market as infected cui to welcome the fortune for the year.

Actually Vieng is not a market that has its own name to market two market 4.5 eponymous Vieng Nam Dinh, and a meeting on the night of the 7th session 8th January morning. It is the Assembly Government in Kim Thai Vieng Vu Ban district (the market made famous in the history books, poetry) and Temple Assembly Vieng Nam Giang commune, Nam Truc. Yet the market is Vieng “2 Fair, 1 session” for the year.

According to the old interpretation, market Vieng Phu mean heavenly fairy market (also known as Hades market). Groceries combined with worshiping in the temple blessing, Minister. So right from the 7th 19h pm, the parking lot at Vieng Phu was filled with cars and motorcycles come from Thanh Hoa, Nam Dinh, Hanoi …

But before coming to Vieng market, whether or Vieng Phu Nam Truc Thick, pilgrims often had to worship the King Tran to just visit 14 places of worship of the Tran kings, just ask incumbency.

Legend Vieng Market Festival associated with the church Nguyen Minh No, father of bronze casting, so before he Confucian family, people often sold Bronze Age, Iron Age. The ancient copper Censer with rich shapes and intricate carvings are stunning onlookers. Connoisseurs players that purchase an item at the market like the Vieng contract early, the full house and fortune will in the same year. Therefore, selling booth brass always crowded visitors. Now another, looking for an antique copper Censer, even just one item that was unthinkable. What is also new, with the longest chronology is 1 year. Hope “socks are antiques few hundred years” of sex trafficking has become the past.

As an inherent habit, guest Vieng market is still looking forward now carry green buds on the branches of the new year. Dispel bad luck in the past year, the procession of the happiness and peace in the New Year wishes of thousands of his life still burning, and Vieng market still welcomed pilgrims each spring.

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