Vientiane – Where visitors visit to the temple for relaxation

4nwjgehVientiane is probably one of the remaining capital in the industrialized world whom the motorist is interesting, quiet streets, On the roadside is ancient trees  and looming  some of  temple roofs extremely gentle, It’s absolutely no traffic, it does not hear the horn. But I’ve been walking a few according to a travel guide then I was immerdiatelly surprise, It do not use just any map directions straight to a temple courtyard.
Is there a massage service at this place back ?! No other way, had jumped into the car, holding the paper to write your address, name West but really light, bald monk asked some are huddled in the yard, watching us curious: Massage, Dr Thepsomphou’s Massage? Very gentle, the largest one in the Assembly he hands me just go next major road winding in the temple courtyard. Turns out it’s true that in the temple!

Located deep in the gardens, a wooden house, in the floor, appeared simple, at the foot of building floor some bikes, and on the floor, the man with alarm. We were greeted warmly upstairs, this time there were about a dozen guests, all of which are foreigners, the West has, Japan also. Who is lying on the massage cushion, who is just coming.

After being asked to be steam thoroughly before massage is not, we are given to each person a flower to the dressing fabric. Rather finished, I looked around not understand what the steam room, the girl managed (look like her two sisters three orchards under management than people!) Showed me a door. She opened this door, push me in and closed the door.

Oh my gosh, um dark room the smoke, and quite crowded. It took a while before I get used to the darkness for a few weak rays pass through a crack in the door to realize where we’re at. A collective saunas my friends. Steam is rising from the foot, quite aromatic and pleasant. Thanks to this scent, I do not imagine yourself in a sensory experience stuffy furnace Nazi hun!

Actually, everything is fun, but not as bad as the original feeling. We manually adjust the position to have the most comfortable position and enjoy feeling relaxed after a pretty hard driving trip from Kontum to Vientiane.

After the body is completely relaxed, soft skin to swell and burst out as little leaves, we were given a room outside the rest before moving on to stage two. Now look closely I see things in the house are simple and rustic, wooden tables and chairs from the water to warm, the spring flowers hanging on the porch …, look almost exactly what the people in his homeland mountains.

Soothing feeling, not only from the body to relax, but also from the garden looked green, birds chirping headphones somewhere in the bush and a slowly rhythm with afternoon sunshine are let down to the porch …

Massage Thai massage lazy Laos incense. You are wearing loose clothing and acupressure massage therapist for you and not rub the oil all over his body like massage and knead Vietnam. For my massage therapist was a young man babbles only a few pumps Lao English. He communicates mainly by gentle radiant smile and often asked if I have not found ok, there was pain. Most funny is this … sometimes I break the mosquitoes buzzing nearby and laughed, again sorry to have mosquitoes!

Ending a sauna and massage-style flanking Laos, we reversed the small winding roads of the garden. Saw some novice who was raking leaves in the yard, all-yellow glow in the sunset light. A strange feeling for a massage for the first time …

Forget that, at the end of stage two, the car went on, I noticed the foot of the floor has a very large kitchen, loaded with firewood and leaves. Know that this is a new place to sauna with steam supply to the entire assembly earlier steambath! Package price per person is about 7-8 dollars, paid in cash whatever, Lao kip, dollars or Thai baht are ok all, of course, money is not Vietnam offline!

Outings Laos, has much experience, such as grilled fish and drink beer Laos on the Mekong river, as Khone bath, the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia, on the road Savannakhet eat bushmeat, game night market in Luang Prabang … but certain to Laos massage to remember!

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