Visit Ban Gioc waterfalls on the day of the Spring


It seems autumn is also the season of Vietnamese pilgrims. Blue sky receiver, point clouds few white streaks. From the city of Cao Bang, our car bon under the HCM early through Hoa An district, Ha Quang in Pac Bo. There is immense slip road between two mountain ranges, peaks (locally known as “sapphire”) peaks with road connections … Below is Phia Phia Dang and Deo Lai. When we go up there’re Phia Cac Mac and Khuoi Nam.

Historical relic Pac Bo has just inaugurated the temple of Uncle Ho, though often still crowded day pilgrims to offer incense. Rain the night before only rising water levels, spring water still remains in office Lenin squeezed.

By chance, I followed a group of people, two old men also estimate approximately eighty years old, and only a few poor women a few years old. Seeing the demand grandparents stalking wading in to “stone table” (table service unsteady rock history Party), I quickly spoke to dissuade: “The water is very potent, doctors should not to” … One he exclaimed: “We’re from the South out. Went to this right to the end.” A woman my ear: “He’s been writing poetry about Pac Bo, should want to see for myself” … Ask named, said he did not laugh, just said the capital’s teachers, born in Bac Giang, exceeding CTS 1972 … On the way back out, found him sitting beside the road, the white paper in his lap, pen in hand five-five. I glanced quickly those first words, see record: “Son of Pac Bo today / Forest green, tile red, clouds stream of thousands”.
Yes. “Green Forest – Red Tile” is Pac Bo today spectacle on many roads as we go past Cao Bang. In what has been, there is something missing. Was that the prosperity. But losing is losing many scenes pristine jungle. When the built-up block visibility guests want to “look back mountain top.”

Chenghai along rivers, flowing from Pac Bo, between flat Luc Zone – Ma LIP is grave Hero – Martyrs Kim Dong foothills shrivel. This season the two riverside field ripe wheat, corn bear flag … Relic was embellished, from the outside looking in noting the high column heaving, as I wistfully recall forty years ago, remote has “met” him Kim Dong between the deep blue of the mountains.

Thank goodness, on the road to Ban Gioc, we are a very enthusiastic tour guide, from the iron bridge leads us Info Huề Uncle Vong River on inter-commune roads through Trung Phuc Tien Canh Commune up to town Chongqing. Picturesque scene. Small stone paths along the river, yet big rapids, small rapids white water foam, wood trees free (rice plants) roadside horns, the water wheel turning slowly, the tiled roofs silhouetted into the water. And the golden rice fields with the top sides who diligently hand sickle threshing machines gasoline hustle turnaround …

He called Million Diamond, director of a business in Cao Bang province. On Easter pass code, select General dedicated parking so we can prepare to shoot a panoramic road passes underneath a V-shaped fold. Gang earnestly invited us to follow the trail back home Cuong Tien Canh Commune Coc Lai. Mountains Keng Ma (Horse Mountain) the new road opened, Xinjiang boasts this is the way the government and people work together. Prior to the road, the inhabitants of the Middle Phuc want to Chongqing to go against the views Push or insert a deep cave, very hard. Now with sugar and then, less of 5-6km.

Back to Brew, General proudly, both villages so far not yet had a smoking addict. Cuong explained “Coc Back” Tay language means “tree hybrid (tung)”. Million Diamond gushed: “Cao Bang are many beautiful scenes, besides the famous monument capital as Pac Bo forest Tran Hung Dao, Ban Gioc, Nguom Clams, there is temple of King Le Vien Minh Temple (Church of Ocean Tu Minh, Tay, a famous general three kings Nhan Tong, Shen Tong and the Ly Anh Tong) to the time (Chi Cao Nung church) … Cao Bang has many delicious fruits, strange animals, good food … if taking advantage for tourism development are very favorable … “.
Million Diamond breeze in Cao Bang experiment is a model tourist travelers a way to integrate into the life of local residents, and are cherished a project to build “eco village” for foreign guests outside. Born into a rich family tradition of revolution, there is a construction engineer, had been in the army, if you want General may choose a life in the capital, or “the other man had her” local. But no, Uygur want to enrich the motherland, help his fellow villagers to get rich on their own land. Farewell us, Cuong soon invited us back to see people Cao Cao Bang Bang also active as anyone.

We believe that General said. A few years taking advantage of the development of the road system, the province opened two buses from the city of Cao Bang and Ban Gioc go Pac Bo, smoking is a huge amount of visitors and pilgrims follow provincial coaches go come. At Ban Gioc, I met a group of weavers in her four neighbors longing, Phuc Sen commune, Quang Uyen district. Phung Thi Thuy and her bravado weavers have said most of her routine to Ban Gioc play “because the road is very convenient.”

This time to Ban Gioc, I did not meet with veterans at the General Agriculture Kim Dam Thuy commune niec Lung. Brothers in Dam Thuy said border post free whenever he came out, just strumming and singing herd moves water garden then praised Cao Bang. But we have met more people in Cao Bang earnestly with homeland and mutual enrichment rising aspirations. It’s a funny thing.

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