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There is a temple which is often called the Ba (Mrs) Pagoda, located on Ba Den (Mrs Den)  Mountain, Ninh Son commune, Hoa Thanh district, Tay Ninh province. With its hight 986m dimensional than sea level, Ba Den Mountain is the highest mountain in South Vietnam

Tien Thach Linh Son Pagoda, often called Buddhist temples, pagodas Upper, Temple Ba, with the Hang Pagoda (Long Chau Linh Son Pagoda) and Middle Temple (Linh Son Phuoc Trungi) are famous temples in the scenic mountains Mrs Den.

Directed by Thich Trung Pagoda – Thien Hieu Lieu Quan Meditation tribe declared in mid-eighteenth-century painting. Decision Chien Nguyen in all monasteries System Ba Den Mountain in the historical process (report dated 22-02-1997 Enlightenment) has said 11 lifetime abbot as follows: Dao Trung – Good Mourning (1783 to 1806), Qing Qing (1806-1832), Shanghai Association (1832-1857), Thanh Tho – Phuoc Chi (1857-1878), Chon Voice – Trung Tung (1879-1910), Chief Kham – Tam Hoa (1910-1937), Yuan Mechanical – Sensory Phu (1937), Raw Spirit – Giac Hanh (1937-1938), Enlightenment Ngoc (1938-1951), with Abbot (1951-1957), Hue Phuong (1957-1962), Dieu Nghia (from 1962 now).

The pagoda has been rebuilt several times. In Mau Horse (1857), the Phuoc Chi old left temple roofing sheets, wall boards and organizations build temples condition. He has mobilized many Buddhists helped contribute to the mountain of road widening, construction of the Main Hall and the amphitheater. Also at this time, about 300 meters from the temple, a monk who Champa, he further called Indigo and monk Hui Network – Kim Tien took cave as a place to practice. Around 1864, declared Professor Hui Mang Linh Son Pagoda Long Chau paint.

In Ren Body (1871), the Phuoc Lam Phuoc Chi for building adjacent river that runs through the village WingChun to pilgrims visit the temple went by sea to the mountains to rest before. To the highlight Voice, he saw the need to build a stop at the foot of the mountain, to facilitate pilgrims, should have to build Phuoc Trung Linh Son Pagoda, often called Middle Temple.

Year Canh Tuat (1910), the abbot serial Tam Hoa has expanded the temple, build more guesthouses for pilgrims, open road 6m wide, 1300m long from the Middle Temple to Buddhist temples. In 1924, he built the team, East Wing, West Wing, a category with mostly stone materials. In 1927, he filled in the pit Electric Ba (50m deep, 70m wide), Legend is where Mrs. suicidal, to obtain entrance to the Buddhist temple. This is a big project, he mobilized hundreds of laborers during the four years to complete. 27 years of The Tam Hoa abbot’s temple was flourishing period in terms propagate religion and monastic establishments with more than 100 nuns studied, pilgrims to the temple every winter day. He passed away on November 08-01 in the Ox (1937).

The disciples of the Enlightenment The Heart Hoa Phu, Giac Hanh Ngoc Giac management succession and development system in this monastery until 1945.

From 1945 to 1956, the Japanese and the French pulled up occupied, completely destroyed the monastery system here.

In 1956 he Pure – Sensory Dien Phuoc Lam Pagoda organized rebuild the temple on Mount Ba system. His road to dismantling meditation and some houses on the mountain side of the storage container for the temporary temple for worship place of monks and pilgrims. His teacher and devoted care Hue Phuong embellish Buddhist temples and pagodas Hang. In 1957 he Giac Fill passed away, he continued to work Hue Phuong until 1962, the abbot assigned to the nun Thich Nu Dieu Lam Phuoc Nghia to the study. From here until 1975, reconstruction work stalled monasteries. Again, war bombs had destroyed most of the new buildings under construction.

More than 40 years abbot, Ven Dieu Nghia staged much restoration three temples: Chinese temple, Buddhist pagodas and temples as a place to practice cave for monks, Buddhists and welcome thousands of visitors, worship every year. Architecture today three temples built by Cheng from 1992 to 1997. The nun continued to build houses To, cottages Increase Ni cottages, cottages parishioners in 2000.

Tien Thach Linh Son Pagoda was started construction on June 16-10 in Binh Ty (26-11-1996) and situated on the day of the Ox 20-11 years (19-12-1997). Temple covers an area of ​​210m2 (14m width, length 15m). Temple architecture brings harmony beauty of many ancient temples in the country. Specifically, the temple also holds two green stone pillars carved the Silk Air (1919) in the front hall, each 4.5 meters tall, diameter 0,45m, carved dragon is very beautiful winding.

In the temple courts enshrined Buddha statue Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. Text Size forecourt statue. Upstairs worship Bodhisattva Maitreya, Bodhisattva Manjushri and Samantabhadra Bodhisattva.

Dien Trung Ton Lord Buddha statue in the middle (of the temple said documents Guru Shakyamuni statue faith meditation 2.5m high) and Buddhas, Bodhisattvas: Tam Ton statue of Amitabha, the Buddha Shakyamuni, the statue’s Birthday birth, Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha, the Jade Emperor … Both sides have altar Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara and Bodhisattva mahasthamaprapta. Before electricity Buddha statues Four Heavenly Kings: Ma Le Tho, Ma Le Hong, Ma Le Hai, Ma Le Thanh; Vi Da Lord Protector statue. Both parties have the altar wall Ten bowl Arhat, The Electric Ming Wang, Moggallana, Quan Thanh. After Buddhist shrines, altars have Dat Ma Patriarch and the Patriarch of the temple.

In particular, electricity jade Buddha relics enshrined treasures France by Thich Hien, Deputy Chairman of Executive Board Buddhist Church of Vietnam, Thailand was awarded the king sent, and Monk had offerings for the temple in 2000.

The temple stupas area. Between the tower silk Hoa, Phu denounce, denounce Athletics. The tower is flanked Thanh Trung Tung and The Life.

Besides Ms. Linh Son Pagoda is Power. Power Architecture includes a natural stone roof overhangs create dynamic, 2.5m high dome, and artificial space in front church 8m. Linh Son Holy shrines in form, Shen Tai, Turkish Land. There are medical cabinets of Ms Page by the cross and the men offered. Outside worship space Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara and Address Form.

There are many folk legend tells of Ms. Black as: The legend she Hovers, Ly Thi Thien Huong story …

According Thach Le Trung Vu Phuong and in 60 of Vietnam traditional festivals (Publisher. Hanoi Social Science, 1995), she is the child of member Hovers proconsul Xining mountains. At 13, her parents were sent to a Chinese monk to study religion. By the age of couples Statistics, whose son Tri Trang Bang district staff offered suitors, but she refused because had the monastic vows. One night, she sneaks away from home to the mountains, but unfortunately was a tiger. The next day, until household staff seeking satraps, she was eating tigers, only one leg remaining in place when ice jams. But her body for burial have the remaining body parts on the mountain and to build temples. Locals said that she died so unjustly doomed priest often appears to temple worship, bless her forward.

According to the legend of Mrs. Black (Xining newspaper published in 1998), the Ly Thi Thien Huong girl beauty capital interested in Quan Hoa district (now Trang Bang district) engagement with Le Si Triet, office boys martial arts. The war, his own sexual hang Le Si Jeet up country joined the army. Thien Huong, a day up the mountain to visit the temple to see us building block painted menace draft stage. How her poor health, she had to dive into the abyss suicidal. That night, the abbot of the temple on the mountain was a dream of her. The next day, he fall into the depths to find and bring the body buried her away. She appears very flexible, always consistent level for many people in the region are blessings. She made a shrine people in the mountains, from which mountain called Mount Ba Den.

When ascended the throne, proclaimed of Gialong, remembrance of things when four ships throughout the South, while she told him to get up the mountain escape, immediately sent troops Ta Le Van Browse, General Thanh Gia Dinh town, up the mountain She ceremony honors ordained to the Holy Spirit Son form, naming Ms. Linh Son Pagoda Tien Thach Tu and Mrs. bronze statuary for people to worship, worship. Ordained thereafter lost. To the Bao Dai King re-ordained for her.

Every year, pilgrims visit temples, shrines She was very crowded in January and in ceremony via Ba, on 5 and 6 months of the lunar year. Since 1983, Tay Ninh province has established Organizing Committee Xuan Ba ​​Mountain and management board Historical – Cultural Ba Den Mountain. The road from Xining to town 11 km long mountain She was paved, the national grid system networked to the summit, the service infrastructure is built pilgrims complete.

In particular, a first cable car system in Vietnam was Tay Ninh Tourism Company put into operation for visitors on March 08-3-1998, from the foothills to the Tien Thach Linh Son Pagoda, ramp 1.225m long, 600m altitude, time 18 minutes / trip. Cable system technology Austria by Chinese manufacturer, a total of 180 cabin (2 adults / cabin), 16 towers, with capacity for 500 passengers / hour. Chute system, the technology of Germany by Chinese producers, has put into operation in 2002. The system includes two closed routes: route trough pull 1.190m and 1.700m defensive slides, maximum speed 40km / g. There handbrake system, shock absorber system in the first two sleds, automatic brakes, with protective netting, have seatbelts. Building slings were a record Book Centre Vietnam Vietnam record set in 2006 was the first cable car system in Vietnam.

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