Visit the elephant racing festival in Dak Lak


In March, with a long tradition M’nông people often look right until the color of the flowers forest pervasive and attract honey bees in search of forests, there is also a time when the villages of Highland residents are preparing for a new season. To get bumper crops, grain full house, to bring prosperity to all villages, people began Don held the traditional customs and festivals, including the unique of elephant racing festival.

View customary day racing festival shows traditional elephants in Buon Me Thuot M’nông is one of the most beautiful month of the year in the Highlands. This festival in honor of chivalry and taming elephants talents of indigenous peoples.

Early in the majority of Vietnamese may be go temples fortune demand, supply period han … But why M’nông then have their own customs. In the early morning of elephant racing festival, party of the same village to village water wharf to make sacrifices, to thank god of water has brought luck in the previous year and pray for good weather in the new year. Cung finished people will get water in a dry gourd placed in baskets to take home to take rejection for the new year. Afterwards, everyone gathered in the community house floor to eat meat, drink wine, singing and dancing with gong boisterous echo.

Elephant racing festival is held in a vacant lot, quite flat, little tree of Yok Don National park or a riparian woodlands Se-drag-Pok. Elephants abreast about 10 children or more. In the cheers, cheers of spectators, racing elephants as more energetically. We gave up and down hose greet everyone. After a prison and sounded alarm marching orders, elephants jumped up like springs running straight ahead. Track width often ranges from 400-500 meters, and has good length 1-2km. Two elephants he insisted, locally known as NV dream, sitting in front of and behind the control elephant running track and keep the strength, speed … The audience is mostly natives colorful brocade dress pattern lining the route cheered create a bustling atmosphere. According to local residents, before entering the race, the elephant was taken to the lush pastures and further boost your health by tubers. During this time, do not do heavy elephant to convalescence. So when in the arena, elephants always very healthy, energetic. M’nông and some ethnic groups in the Central Highlands are very precious as the Khmer elephant in southern quarter of the cow. According to tradition, the elephant represents the strength of the tribe, the family’s affluence. Only the new wealthy families have been domesticated elephants from the forest elephant. Currently, only new Highland also elephants, but the number of individuals are significantly reduced. Young people here become familiar with the methods of his father watching pure ancient elephant that mainly care and control elephants. Those domesticated elephants therefore become increasingly scarce over time. Currently, this work is mainly older people, with decades of experience.

Go to Don, you’ll satisfied with the emotions before the thickness of the unique culture of the Highlands. Also joining the festival customs do not forget to enjoy a cup of rice or wine with grilled chicken Ama Kong Don dot salt and chilli.

Come to The Don village,we would feel a unique atmosphere, This is the soul of the Highlands with the old forests, flowing rivers and the lake rippling water halfway up the sky, the grass, the trees … great for those who prefer to travel further, photographer, Feng Shui home … It kept many historical evidence formed this land. The Don of Krong Na commune, Buon Don district, Buon Me Thuot way about 42km. Here, guests will be satisfied with the emotions before the thickness of the unique culture of the Highlands, visitors can enjoy gong, riding. Fish River gill-Pok and Se-Ho Lak, rice, or a glass of wine with grilled chicken Ama Kong Don dot salt and chilli are your specialties of this region. Who came here also to the quest of native fish to taste and enjoy as strange because of the dangerous position where they grow has made the difference between river fish, lake fish Highlands with rivers and lakes in delta…

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