Wandering in the land of golden temples

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Like any young man of dust traveling, I do not choose to fly from Hanoi to Bangkok despite knowing it only takes 2 hours to be present at that place. I have chosen to follow the path classic of any backpackers who go around the world when they come from Hanoi to Saigon then leaving it and go to Cambodia later by bus as well as getting into Thailand by this public transport.

Choose this route, you will combine both Cambodia and Thailand. How can skip the Angkor Wat temple complex world famous without at least one time to admire it? You can catch the bus to Thailand from Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh, but it’s best to go exploring Angkor Wat Siem Reap and then catch the bus to Bangkok from Siem Reap. It takes about 7 hours you arrive at the airport but often very crowded here, so you have to wait around 2 hours to be able to switch to go forward in Bangkok were minivan.

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Royal Palace in Bangkok…

As in the UK, in Thailand, driving left the road. If you fly, you can fly direct from Hanoi to Bangkok (Central) or Phuket (South). Phuket is described as the pearl in the South of Thailand with beautiful beaches, clear blue water, but me personally, it still can not compare to many of Vietnam’s sea and islands we like Phu Quoc, Con Dao Van Bay Feng … You remember that if a plane at the airport, when in Bangkok to remember finding Info Center to obtain city maps offline.

Thailand says it does not make you ignore Bangkok, the capital, that. And it comes to Bangkok, then you know. The shopping center, fashion, restaurants, luxury hotels, markets both ordinary and advanced, supermarkets, shopping malls … are here. If the Hanoi Old Quarter where backpacker taken as headquarters.

Saigon has the famous West Street steady as Bui Vien bustle or the Pham Ngu Lao Khao San Road Thailand have focused a lot of backpacker. Thailand Vietnam still wider general should be interesting to visit, explore a country like this for about 5-7 days, my sincere advice is best that you do not embrace, hovering more too because then where will “see flowers riding cars.”

Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Ayutthaya also wanted to go somewhere that just wrapped up in 5-7 days, so hard to osmotic anything. So, the best is a trip, then if conditions make the Thai wandering about 2 weeks for 5 places above. But if the financial and time does not permit, then forced to go pruned.

For example, if you like Pattaya and Phuket islands are the standard now. If you like to contemplate, to feel all that belongs to a life and business activities in a modern city, bustling, noisy, bustling Bangkok of course, the location can not be ignored. If you like historical upstream, like what belongs to an ancient time, preferring to admire the remnants of the time, the palaces, temples ruins, abandoned like me, you look to Ayutthaya. If you want to know the situation unsettled, tourist offerings of prostitutes, want to see sex show, want to learn about the city “red lights” in Thailand, the tourism industry of sexual, transgender technology , the lives of gay, bisexual, you come to Pattaya.

Both famous Pattaya, just scandalous. It is known not only in Thailand but also borders throughout Europe not only because of the beautiful bay and the whole of the commercial sexual activity again. Thailand is a country that is also a significant tourist and who is also heard of Pattaya. Back to Bangkok, if you want shopping then this is your shopping here. But you remember that the majority of shops, supermarkets, mall, started open from 10am sooner rather open.

If the followers of the brand name (but do not know whether it is genuine or not branded?), You look at a series of high-end shopping malls like Parkson Hanoi as Siam Center, Siam Paragon, Central World. There are products of jewelry, clothing, electronics, fashion brand reputation of the world. If you want to buy clothes, housewares, electronics, jewelry, you cheap out Pratunam market.

Moving on Crown land, there are three common means taxi (expensive), trains and buses. Usually from Bangkok to other cities, other provinces of Thailand, people go train or bus. It just takes the train clean, safe and not take too much time. From Bangkok to Pattaya, you should take the bus. Two cities separated by about 130km. Can go from Ekamai bus station near the station, or Moh Chit bus station. Go BTS (also known as Skytrain Skytrain ie) to Ekamai station, off Exit No. 2 port, a short walk to the bus station.

1 flight every 30 minutes, the fare is 124 baht. Running around 2 to Pattaya. If you plan to go to Pattaya from the airport should go from Suvarnabhumi airport will more convenient. If Dong Muang airport to Pattaya, you can take a taxi to the bus station and then catch the bus to go Mochit. If you go to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, it can take 1 hour plane ride, take the bus or train ride takes about 12 hours and takes about 12 hours a night. 700km from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. If traveling from Bangkok to the ancient capital of Ayutthaya, you can take the bus or train. 80km Ayutthaya near Bangkok. Moh Chit bus station you catch the bus to go Ayutthaya, every 20 minutes there is a trip. The fare is 50 baht, an hour away range 30 minutes to 2 hours is to Ayutthaya.

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Ancient Capital in Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya Chiang Mai to go, you can take the bus that goes also trains also. Loss of range for 10 hours or 11 hours is arriving. Busy talking travel in Bangkok forget my own, I just like the Royal Palace (Grand Palace) are the only things we buy or the other attractions here does not appeal to me much. Must say the architectural ensemble of the Thai Royal Palace is beautiful. Full of golden pagodas, towers of gold, gold Temple. It’s very typical to name the country of origin or the Golden Temple Golden Temple, people could use to call Thailand.

The tip of the pyramid temples and glamorous golden color, just majestic. It is worth to admire. But my favorite spot is still not the Grand Palace in Bangkok. Nor is it in Pattaya bay and beautiful beaches in Phuket which is quite complex ruins of temples in the ancient capital of Ayutthaya. I must say that even the name of this ancient capital (ie, the old capital of Thailand), also have to try to think of is because its name is too confusing afterall. And the name of the temple towers of Ayutthaya, I bear because it is too long and difficult to remember.

But there is one I do not need to remember that it is natural to stay in the top are images and sensations that bring Ayutthaya. Citadel was built in 1350 by King U-thong, Burma was occupied and devastated in 1767. There are 33 turns kings and reigning dynasty built the capital Ayutthaya brilliant past.

After the invasion of the former capital, the Burmese army burned and destroyed many monumental architecture and the magnificence of the Ayutthaya kingdom. The surviving ruins constitute Ayutthaya historical park that today is a UNESCO world cultural heritage in 1991. There have been dumbfounded because decadent beauty, handsome and mysterious bureaucracy of the Angkor Wat complex in Siem Reap, I again felt attracted by the beauty of Ayutthaya.

The battle between the troops of Siam (Thailand’s former name) with the Burmese military has left a dynasty crumbling, deserted. That devastated much of the structure splendid palace, golden, leaving only barren blue sky crumbling brick walls, some of the columns and the few remaining temples. That’s it is enough to remind us of a historical period that whether we want to or not, it will always stay in the survival and development of the Kingdom of Thailand. History is here.

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