Waterfalls made from toilet in China

Waterfalls are made up of thousands of toilets and sinks in Guangdong become attractive destinations for tourists.
This is a quirky artwork in the park Thach Loan, Foshan City. Waterfalls are erected from approximately 10,000 new and even old toilets with enough color and size, forming a wall of 5 m high and 100 m long.
Initially this work was designed for the purpose participate in pottery festival and will be removed when the program ends. However, due to the uniqueness and attraction too large for residents and tourists, then falls toilet was retained. Currently, this place becomes attractive tourist destination city of Foshan.
Shu Yong artists, authors, said he and his colleagues spent more than two months to complete the work. Some toilets are collected from factory scraps, others donated by local people. After gathering enough number, they mount them on the wall with an inclination previously calculated design.
On all the toilets and sinks are mounted a tap consecutive to pulverize and clean. By design, the water from the faucet spout simultaneously makes the walls look like a waterfall. This is what makes up the unique location for work.
Also in this park, there is a huge boobs porcelain is, is the work of artist Shu Yong. Currently, if you look up on Google, this works with nearly 3,700,000 results, enough to see the appeal of it how big.

When two buildings are built, has a lot of mixed opinions discuss their meaning. There are people who sympathize and appreciate the uniqueness of this, but there are also many people objected, arguing that the two works are so repugnant, not suitable for oriental culture. However, after 6 years of life, so far people are getting used to the presence of toilet waterfall and giant boobs porcelain, even being attracted.

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