Write for the autumm in Hanoi


Hanoi is in the late fall day, the sun seems also rather weak, but still tried to squeeze her, interwoven into the tinted canopy are fading. Leisurely old motorcycle driven out of motel room, I wandered around the streets. Hanoi there, crowded, often met each other, but no one could hold back any of the conditions for several thousand thousand. Must slammed into another that loud or day to day and get together meetings, or even the school calendar coincides bored without new way to evade bear acquainted. As the street, next to people who share the same tree waiting red light, green light, sometimes tens of seconds pushing his way, the way everyone goes…

Suddenly I remember you, remember to stick interval between two children, I believe in fate, between eight billion people in this world, to meet is the charm from past lives. They say, everything is depending on the coast, where the worm charming, coastal land will melt. Perhaps between me and you, the grace it was halfway in between, protruding, aimlessly. Since the school day was over a year now, I have not seen you. On you go, I unconsciously reached out to hold me to stay, but then let down, I let you go, let me find true happiness that you need, so you have peace in my heart. I’m not brave enough to have deserted my heart, and I sobbed myself when that time would do well not to know, will go.

Each street, every corner of the city, this small footprint two children, are reminiscent to me memories of you. I remember the distance from Lang Ha of Crossroad, so go watch movies late that all the bus, I had with me holding hands walking on, then you have a very bright smile, eyes twinkling night lights. I found in a patch of sky that stretches amorphous domain. That feeling is no longer the type me step on a path, but as is take you until the end of life. Much later, when I have a motorcycle, I’d be taking you to visit interesting places, but after looking at the rearview mirror, your image is no longer there, but only the sunset beyond.

I remember the same street around Hoan Kiem Lake, she on I rambled all sorts of things, you remember the cool cream crumb Trang Tien where the tongue, tingling in the throat. Plum tube scarf made me not warm enough, you trembling hands rubbing together, I quietly shawl on his shoulder his shirt, my small world wrapped up in it, windless Sword Lake, each stretching distant waters.

Then the summer afternoon, I with you climb the terrace’s tiny inn poor neighborhoods, crumbling. I call it by the name of humor “Mobile Cinema”, the free time I brought a laptop to download the episodes or for me and me and see, and hear me laughing while watching comedy crispy, jumpy and forth, clutching my lap while watching film ghost, or het sometimes asked why the other dinosaurs die? Why the two lovers apart? Then I just kept silent, softly rubbing my head, “You’re stupid”. Then we will again sit together, awaiting the far Visako building lights as a repetitive habit. Overhead, the clouds ranked closer to the stars to shine.

I remember the day I do more in Royal City, to teach about I wait for you outside the gate to the back. The moment waiting for someone strange, to every passing hour there, unconsciously I feel I’m still in there. I was waiting for you, waiting forever, the door opened, the young boys and girls, who the people on that silhouette someone steps out … like you … but not me. Quietly leave, I go backward people on the street.

Today Hanoi stands, noisy, hasty, but my heart sank to strangers. I heard a voice somewhere deep expectation from memory. “Given a choice, I’d love her like two parallel lines, always go together side but that was not untouchable, or just like two intersecting lines, accidentally touched then rushed away a far off regions? “. I smiled, warm smiles mischievously, “If possible, I would expect his love story like two overlapping lines you well, so just be together, no worry one day wake, the other has turned missing from his life. Until then mature, they understand that what they really need, not a beautiful love, but a person with enough patience to be able to tolerate me throughout life. “

About the room, opened the door, the inside filled with musty smell, still room inn lazy messy cleanup, still few small flowering tree care less sad, heaven Hanoi still distant place, but without you. Today I spent the day with you note, one day thinking about you the other day even more perfect, from tomorrow I will return you to where you need to. Fold wedding envelope, I smiled, happy for you, tomorrow you are a new bride in white dress, you’re finally happy, but not to me.

Even so, I still will look for me with all the inherent interest, not hatred, not spiteful, I want you to have fun without me, want good things had never lost and still want to share but no longer wish to possess. That perhaps more spiritual love ends in haunting and tormenting each other. Thu yet, but my heart had gone to east, close your eyes softly to himself: “Then everything will work out OK, maybe now is stormy, but rain may heaven forever.” Outside, the rain rushed loud, intermittent gale, but each still clinging milk inflorescences cylinders, swinging each wind flap.

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