Yen Phu Temple’s Festival


Since many years ago, Everybody said that when January arrives, as well as the festive season, residents around West Lake to tingle go pagoda, home. In the January festival, people here feel the Yen family festival brings the beauty and culture of Thang Long – Hanoi.

Hoi Yen Phu stately home and is a traditional cultural beauty of Hanoi should be maintained to preserve. In 2006, from donations and contributions of Yen Phu Ward people and pilgrims, Yen family was very meticulously restored, but retains the archaic structural integrity. Dinh Yen u intensive, sustainable, located on West Lake, will certainly sacred, preservation culture thousand years of Thang Long – Hanoi.

The unique features of the Yen family is that the whole house is designed in a vertical manner, turning north to make a majestic architecture, elegant. In addition to the pond close to home is a portal-style home built four pillars. Through the portal, the home field is quite wide, both sides two blocks from strip dancers, followed by contemporary typeface family built on the nail, modern family home has five times and five harem. Doors open at home in north-styled painting table.

The roof is covered with tiles family comedy, the bend angle of the roof flanking rotation. The middle relief roof top edge two dragons flanking the sun, next to a pair of phoenix spreading wings. The column is made of ironwood family on foot rock Statistics green. The first seven embossed dragon cloud topics, noble animals.

Roofing tiles village comedy

The photos can also be embossed quarterfinals precious sacred animals, the shape of flowers, clouds … Artistic stylized pretty delicate wood carvings, deep lines, vivid, artistic style XVII century – XVIII.

On one side is the old family and cultural base of Holy Church only one party has built an excellent and meritorious beer (made from the Tu Duc). Dinh has two borders: borders the eastern and southern borders. In other families save a bronze bell of Thieu Tri (1842) on the occasion of family home was renamed Yen. Here is preserved religion identity 78, the oldest is the color of Le Vinh Street (1619).

Because church family along so well along. In the middle of a harem wooden altars gilded. Which puts three dragon throne, plaque, hat worn by three tutelary gods. In front of the worshiping place. Emerging on the home front columns are horizontal image, couplets praising the virtue of superb and beautiful definition of family phong thuy.

Specifically From looking family said: tutelary was worshiped in Yen Phu’s family three brothers: Uy Linh Lang, Wang Wei and Wang Bo. Uy Linh Lang was the son of Queen Minh Duc, under the Tran Thanh Tong. In the age of 18, amorous Buddhism, permission to leave, but his father disapproved, he came posing as civilians, fled to find spiritual teachers.

 When the Mongolian army invaded our country, he was recruited soldiers against the invaders. His army of self-proclaimed “Emperor e military” invaded the Mongol invaders in Ban Than, Van Kiep, Maggie Tru, Dong Ket … up many successes. When the average, bonuses, Uy Linh Lang Dai Vuong King style.

Currently up to 72 remote locations near Prince Linh Lang Church. All are open Assembly on 10 February. Roll Festival of Le Trung Vu Thang Long said the family festival in Yen Phu: The Feb. 10 ceremony desk thui cows, each bordering one. The very solemn fact. Then in procession from bow An Tho then completed their family. Rite majesty: chess, eight weapons, long family, amateur sound bowl, bowl drain palanquin procession form, sacred animals dance team players phuc.Dinh Yen Norwegian Society home churches were opened on 10/2 lunar year with the involvement of the local people around Westlake as Nghi Tam, Tu Lien, Nhat Tan, particularly promiscuous solidarity from Cu Thanh village, Kim Thi (Hung Yen) where anthills Legend is grave Do Uy Linh Lang attending. Hoi Yen families so far is considered to keep family routines Association of Hanoi.

The festival began in the morning with the sacrifice of the elders. People come here to light incense rising interest compressed tutelary and you pray for luck and early Han period. After sacrifice ritual is performed lion dance dragon dance of the youth in the village. Family Festival takes place next to the monitor processions by 4 healthy adult, wear long, fringed strip network. Two great procession by 16 young men robust, healthy white robe, white pants, red belt, blue belt khenh, following the dance company born money, dignitaries elders and people responded. Dragon dances and the procession is the procession along the street Thanh Nien Yen transmitted to Tran Quoc Pagoda on bathing water subject to appeal. After the procession into the temple and Abbot read the numbers you sometimes allowed in the country. When the petition was brought to the whole team back home and celebrate fitness carpentry (bath objects). During the game also takes place much like, human chess, cock fighting, fighting birds, sailing …

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